How to Access High Traffic and Very Busy Websites

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Getting onto busy websites, especially when there’s a big event or sale, can be a bit tricky. Whether you’re after concert tickets, special merch, or just need to get some info, this guide will show you some tips to help you get through those very busy sites a bit easier.

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How to Access High Traffic or Very Busy Websites

Preparing your connection

Even though we love wireless stuff these days, nothing beats a good old wired connection. It’s usually faster and more reliable. With them, you’ll less likely get cut off when you’re trying to do something important on a website, especially when every second counts.

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Also, use sites like “” to check your speed and see if you might need a faster plan.

Internet Connection Speed Test

Use refresh smartly on high traffic website

Smashing the “Refresh” button over and over can backfire, making it look like you’re trying to attack the website. Take it easy, or use a tool that refreshes the page for you at set intervals, like “Easy Auto Refresh” for Chrome.

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Auto refresh very busy and high traffic website

Access busy websites through different platforms

There’s more than one way to get to a website. Sometimes, the mobile site or an official app can get you in faster because they’re built to be more efficient, or might even be hosted on a different server that isn’t too busy.

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Use mobile app instead of web version

Bypass overloaded homepage

Going straight to the page you need, instead of starting at the homepage, can save you a lot of time. Bookmarking these direct links makes it even quicker to get where you’re going.

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Access high traffic and busy website faster

Use multiple browsers or incognito mode

Different browsers work in their own ways, so if one doesn’t get you through, another might. Also, using Incognito mode can help because it doesn’t save any data from your previous visits.

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Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge

Use a VPN for regionally heavy loaded websites

VPNs can help you get around busy local servers by connecting you through another region. They also keep your visit more private, which can sometimes make it easier to get onto a site.

Use a VPN to connect busy website

Be alert for announcements

Keeping an eye on a website’s social media (like their Twitter’s or Facebook’s profile) can give you the heads-up on any problems or alternative ways to access what you need.

Avoid peak times for heavy traffic websites

Every website has its busy times. If you can, try to visit during quieter hours. You might start to notice patterns that can help you pick the best time to get through.

Be prepared for anticipated high traffic events

When you know a website is going to be busy, like during a sale, get ready ahead of time. Log in early, save your info, and maybe even add items to your cart. This can make everything go faster when it’s go-time.

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Be prepared for high traffic website

Explore cached versions of the website

If the site you’re trying to visit is down, you might still be able to find what you need in a cached version. Look for the “Cached” link near the site’s URL in Google’s search results to find a snapshot of the page from before it went down. Note that Google doesn’t always cache a site, so it’s not uncommon for you to not see the “Cached” link for a website.

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View cached webpage from Google

The Wayback Machine is another amazing tool that lets you see older versions of websites, which can sometimes be really useful when the current site is too crowded or not working at all. But know that not all features on the site will work on an archived page.

Access high traffic website by viewing cached version

One last thing

As the internet becomes more crowded, finding your way to popular websites might seem tough at times. However, a bit of planning and a few clever strategies can simplify the process. Just play smart and you should have a better advantage than most normal users.

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