Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10
Windows 10

3 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10 Free Download

The Microsoft Photos app is a photo viewer software in Windows 10 that comes with your Windows 10 installation. If you haven’t installed any other photo viewer software, Photos app will be used as the default photo viewer. Photo apps […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe
how to add new alarm in Windows 10

How to Set Multiple Alarms in Windows 10 (Repeating or Only Once Alarm)

Like your smartphone or tablet device, your Windows 10 PC also have a built-in app called Alarms & Clock that allows you to set one or multiple alarms with a selections of trigger conditions such as repeating alarm settings (weekdays, […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
No internet Secured Windows 10

Fix: “No Internet, Secured” WiFi in Windows 10 (Updated 2021)

If your laptop or desktop Windows 10 PC is connected through a WiFi connection and you randomly see “No Internet, Secured” connection error, this guide may be able to help you fix the issue. We have collected and sorted a […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
How to Disable Firewall Notifications in Windows 10

How to Disable Firewall Notifications in Windows 10

In Windows 10, all apps and programs that requires incoming or outgoing network connection are blocked by Windows Defender’s Firewall by default. When you launch a new program for the first time, you will usually receive a notification from Windows […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Stereo Mix in Windows 10 Missing Download Realtek 64-bit

Stereo Mix in Windows 10 Missing? Download Realtek 64-bit (Updated)

Stereo Mix is missing and not showing up on the list of recording devices in Windows 10 sound control panel? This guide will show you how to unhide Stereo Mix device if it’s hidden, and how to obtain Stereo Mix […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
How to Zip a File or Folder in Windows 10

How to Zip a File or Folder in Windows 10 Without Any Software

Windows 10 has a built-in file compression tool by default. It allows you to zip a file or a large chunk of files and folders into a single zip folder without the need of installing any third party software. This […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Turn on Microphone Facebook Messenger Windows 10

How to Turn On Camera or Microphone on Facebook Messenger Windows 10

Unlike Facebook Messenger app on our smartphones or tablets where the camera and microphone can be easily accessed, on a Windows 10 desktop or laptop PC, there are certain things that have to be done for the cam and mic […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Download and Install Facebook Messenger on Windows 10 PC

How to Download Facebook Messenger App on Windows 10 PC

Until recently, Facebook Messenger can only be used on Facebook website through an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. There was no other way to use FB messenger without the help of a browser if you’re on […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
How to Find See WiFi Password on Windows 10

How to Find and See WiFi Password on Windows 10

Forgotten your home’s WiFi password when your friends ask for it? There are often times we need to connect a new device to a WiFi we often use. But since our computers and phones are able to auto connect every […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
enter full screen windows 10 games

How to Go Full Screen on Windows 10 Games, Apps or Browsers

Have an app or game you would like to go full screen on but have no idea how? Can’t find the full-screen, windowed, or border-less options in an app or game? This short tutorial will show you how to go […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago

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