Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10
Windows 10

3 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10 Free Download

The Microsoft Photos app is a photo viewer software in Windows 10 that comes with your Windows 10 installation. If you haven’t installed any other photo viewer software, Photos app will be used as the default photo viewer. Photo apps […]

By Alvin Nyau
Windows 10 Light Theme Download

How to Enable Windows 10 Light Theme or Download Windows Theme

Starting from Windows 10 version 1903 May 2019 update, Microsoft introduces new dark and light theme to the OS. Although in the previous version there was already an option to select light theme for Windows 10, but the changes would […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Deleted Files Keep Coming Back in Windows 10

Deleted Files Keep Coming Back in Windows 10, What Should I Do?

You noticed that some strange files or folders suddenly appear in a random directory in the hard drive. When you try to delete them, they come right back and reappear in the same directory after restarting the PC. No matter […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Windows 10 dark mode not working

Windows 10 Dark Mode Not Working, File Explorer Still White (Solved)

Dark mode feature in Windows 10 was first introduced in the 1809 major update (October 2018). It has since been one of the most talked-about feature in the Windows 10 community. Many have reported that the dark mode feature has […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Adobe XD Download Offline Installer for Windows 10

Adobe XD Download Offline Installer for Windows 10 or Mac (Updated)

Adobe XD, also known as Adobe Experience Design, is an all-in-one UX/UI designing tool that allows designers to quickly create designs and prototypes for websites, mobile apps and more, and then share it to anybody you want. Adobe XD is […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago

How to Remove “Choose an Operating System” Screen in Windows 10

If your PC boot into the “Choose an operating system” screen every time you boot or restart your computer, it means that you have multiple Windows installed on your system. Thus, Windows pops the screen to let you choose which […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Google Maps Download for Windows 10

How to Download Google Maps for Windows 10

After years since Google Maps exists, it is still not available as a standalone downloadable app for Windows. The downloadable Google Maps app is only available on mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. However, Google Maps is accessible […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
192.168.l.1.1 Admin Login to Router

192.168.l.1.1 Login to Router (Admin)

If you have reached this page from a search engine by entering 192.168.l.1.1 on your web browser trying to login to your router as an admin, it may be due to one of the followings. A typographical error on the […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
Disk Cleanup stuck on compress os drive

Disk Cleanup Stuck on Calculating Mixed Reality in Windows 10

This issue is about when you click on the Clean up System Files button in the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows 10, the tool gets stuck on a specific process called Calculating Mixed Reality, and eventually crash itself as if […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago
GMX Email Login How to Sign In to GMX Mail My Account Page

GMX Email Login – How to Sign In to GMX Mail My Account Page

GMX Free Email is one of very few free email services that still provides easy sign up, easily accessible and user-friendly webmail interface, one of the most secure email accounts in the world, and excellent email features such as automatic […]

By Alvin Nyau, ago

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