Limit Download Speed of Xbox App on Windows 11 or 10

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When you’re into gaming or using the Xbox App on Windows 11 or 10, you might need to slow down how fast you download or update games. This can be because you want other stuff on the internet to work well or to keep from using too much internet if there’s a limit. Let’s talk about how to make the Xbox App not use the internet too quickly on your Windows computer.

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How to Limit Download Speed of Xbox App on Windows 11 or 10

Why limit the Xbox app’s download speed?

There are a few reasons you might want to slow down downloads in the Xbox App:

    1. In houses where everyone is online, watching stuff, playing games, or working, you don’t want one app to use all the internet.
  1. Limiting how fast you download can help keep your internet connection steady, especially when everyone’s online.
  2. If you’re getting a big game but also need to do other stuff online, putting a limit helps things run smoothly.

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How to limit download speed of Xbox Game Pass app in Windows 11/10

Even though the Xbox Game Pass app on PC doesn’t let you directly control download speed, you can still manage it through Windows settings. This trick involves using Delivery Optimization.

Delivery Optimization is all about managing how Windows updates and apps from the Microsoft Store download. Since the Xbox app uses this system, changing these settings also changes how fast the Xbox app downloads stuff.

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Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Hit the Windows Start button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Click the “Settings” gear icon.Select Settings from Start Menu Windows 11
  3. Go to “Windows Update” on the sidebar.
  4. Click “Advanced options” under the “More settings” area.Windows Update Advanced options
  5. Find and click “Delivery Optimization”.Delivery Optimization settings
  6. In there, click “Advanced options”.Delivery Optimization Advanced options
  7. You’ll see options to limit download and upload speeds. Change these to set specific speed limits in Mbps.
  8. Under “Download settings”, pick the “Absolute bandwidth” option.Limit Xbox download speed Windows 11
  9. Make sure the checkboxes for limiting bandwidth for background and foreground updates are checked.
  10. Put in your desired Mbps limit. This will affect the Xbox Game Pass app’s download speed because it uses Delivery Optimization.Xbox app limit download speed in Windows 11 10
  11. You can also limit upload speeds if you want.
  12. Make sure to save your changes.

By playing around with Delivery Optimization settings, you can control the Xbox Game Pass app’s download speed. This means you can download or update games without messing up your other online activities. It’s a smart workaround since the app doesn’t let you change this by itself.

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Implications of setting a download limit on Delivery Optimization

Limiting speed through Delivery Optimization doesn’t just affect the Xbox Game Pass app. It has a broader impact. Here’s what else it influences:

  1. Windows Updates, which keep your system secure and up-to-date, might take longer to download.
  2. Downloads from the Microsoft Store will also slow down.Microsoft store downloads and updates Windows 11 10
  3. Other Windows services that download stuff will be slower too.
  4. Sharing updates with other PCs using Delivery Optimization will also be affected by your speed limit.

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Striking the right balance when limiting download or upload speed

Putting a limit is great for keeping other online stuff working well while downloading games. But you need to find a good balance. If the limit is too low, downloads might take forever. And if there’s no limit, your other online stuff might lag. Here’s what to think about:

  • Know your total internet speed. This is what your internet plan says. If you’re not sure, lots of online tools can check this for you.
  • Think about when you use your PC the most. If you work or study during the day, maybe let the Xbox Game Pass app use more internet at night and less during the day.
  • If other people are using the internet too, talk to them. Maybe they also need to download big files or have important stuff to do online. Talking helps avoid internet hogging and keeps everyone happy.

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In short

The Xbox Game Pass app doesn’t let you change download speeds directly. But, by using the Delivery Optimization feature in Windows, you can control it. This is great for making sure your game downloads don’t take all the internet speed.

But changing Delivery Optimization settings affects more than just the Xbox app. It also slows down Windows updates and Microsoft Store downloads. So, think about your other online activities and find a balance. This way, your computer keeps running smoothly without any internet speed issues.

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