Is “AdBlock Next” Popup and Extension Safe or a Virus?

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In the online world, ads can be annoying for many people (but it’s often the only way to support content creators, like us). To help with this, there are many ad-blocking tools out there to reduce or completely blocking the ads. One such tool that’s been talked about lately is AdBlock Next. It’s been getting mixed reactions, especially from YouTube users. But not all the buzz is good. There have been issues like unexpected pop-ups, sketchy websites, and a Reddit discussion that made people wonder if AdBlock Next is really okay to use.

We’re going to look closer at AdBlock Next, what it offers, and why some people are worried about it. We’ll go through everything from strange pop-ups on YouTube to what Reddit users think, to give you the full picture of this extension.

AdBlock Next Extension Popup Safe or Virus

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The AdBlock Next popup on YouTube

For lots of YouTube viewers, the AdBlock Next popup just popped up without warning. It shows a message “Enjoy YouTube without ads!“, tempting you to get YouTube Premium or download AdBlock Next to not see ads. But here’s the catch – this popup isn’t from YouTube. It’s actually from another extension pretending to be “AdBlock for YouTube“.

Clicking the “Get Ad Blocker” button takes you to install AdBlock Next, but this might lead to some unwanted surprises. It’s really important to be careful with these pop-ups, especially when they come out of nowhere and suggest adding new tools or extensions.

AdBlock Next popup on YouTube

What is AdBlock Next?

AdBlock Next is supposed to be this cool tool that blocks ads all over the internet, giving you a smoother and quicker browsing time without annoying ads, like those videos ads on YouTube.

AdBlock Next Legit or Malware Review

But it turns out there might be more to it. Some folks have shared that after putting this extension on, instead of losing ads, they got even more, including some from AdBlock Next itself!

Plus, it’s been messing with their browser settings like changing the homepage or the search engine, and adding weird buttons. These are things usually done by not-so-nice software that wants to take over your browsing to make money.

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Is AdBlock Next extension safe?

When adding any extension to your browser, you want to make sure it’s safe. With all the strange stuff happening with AdBlock Next, it’s hard to say it’s 100% safe. It’s kind of ironic that an ad blocker is doing its own ad blitz on users after they install it.

Changing your homepage or search engine without asking you first is a big no-no. These are signs that you might be dealing with potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) or something even more sneaky.

Before adding AdBlock Next or any other extension, it’s smart to look up reviews, find out who made it, and check that you’re getting it from a place you trust. Sticking with well-known ad blockers that lots of people use is a safer bet.

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Is AdBlock Next a virus or malware?

When we hear “virus” or “malware,” we think of bad software that can hurt our devices or steal info. AdBlock Next might not be a virus in the usual sense, but its actions are a lot like “adware” or “browser hijackers“.

Adware is software that throws ads at you that you don’t want, and browser hijackers mess with your browser settings to make money off you. So, with all the unwanted ads and changes happening with AdBlock Next, calling it adware or a PUP seems fair. It might not wreck your computer, but it can definitely make your internet life less fun.

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Is legit?

A website looks legit not just by its design but by what it does and what people say about it. looks good at first glance, but there are things to watch out for.

  1. Lack of clear info: Good companies usually share lots about themselves. doesn’t, which can be a red flag.
  2. What people say: Real reviews and comments are super helpful. Lots of complaints about weird behavior or ads after using the extension are a bad sign.
  3. Mixed messages: Saying it’ll block ads but then sending lots of ads your way feels pretty fishy.
  4. Pushy pop-ups: Getting pushed to, especially from YouTube pop-ups, isn’t something good services do.

Even though it might look okay at first, these issues mean you should be careful with and think twice before getting its extension.

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Insights from Reddit users about AdBlock Next

Reddit is a great place to find out what people really think about stuff. For AdBlock Next, it’s been pretty enlightening.

AdBlock Next YouTube Reddit

  1. Unexpected YouTube pop-ups: A lot of users mentioned seeing the AdBlock Next pop-up on YouTube, which was both surprising and annoying.
  2. Feeling iffy about AdBlock Next: Even though it seemed to work on different sites, the vibe was that something about it just didn’t feel right.
  3. Heads-up on potential adware: Some good advice was to check your browser extensions and get rid of anything that looks fishy or could be causing problems.
  4. Happy users after cleaning up: People who got rid of questionable extensions noticed a better browsing experience and were thankful for the tips.
  5. Be careful: The general mood about AdBlock Next was to be careful. People were sharing their doubts and suggesting staying away from the extension and similar pop-ups.

Overall, the feeling on Reddit about AdBlock Next is to think twice and do your homework before jumping in.

How to remove AdBlock Next extension from Chrome

If you’ve accidentally added AdBlock Next to your Chrome and want it gone, here’s how to do it. This can help get rid of any weirdness or risks that came with it.

  1. Start Chrome: Open up Chrome on your device.
  2. Find the Extensions Page:
    • Click the three dots at the top right, go to “More tools”, then select “Extensions”.
  3. Find AdBlock Next: Look through the list for “AdBlock Next” and hit the “Remove” button.
  4. Delete the Extension:
    • After finding AdBlock Next, click on “Remove” and confirm if asked.

    Chrome Extensions and add-ons

  5. Look for other suspicious extensions: If you keep seeing pop-ups about installing AdBlock Next, check for other extensions that might be promoting it, like the “AdBlock for YouTube” extension. Consider removing these too.Remove Adblock Next for YouTube
  6. Clear your cache (Optional but a good idea):
    • Clearing your browser cache gets rid of leftover bits from the extension.
    • Go to “More tools” again and choose “Clear browsing data”. Pick “All time” and make sure “Cached images and files” is checked. Hit “Clear data”.
  7. Restart Chrome: Close it and open it again to make sure everything’s updated.

If you’re ever worried you might have a bad extension or software, it’s smart to run a full scan with trustworthy antivirus software.

Run a full virus scan on Windows 11

You should have successfully removed the AdBlock Next extension from Chrome if you’ve followed the steps correctly. Always be careful with new extensions, and choose ones that are well-liked and have good reviews.

So, what have we learned?

While ads can be a bit of a pain, they’re also how lots of content creators make their living. Allowing ads means we’re supporting these creators and their work. But if you really want to block ads, make sure you pick a safe and trusted ad blocker. Going with something like AdBlock Next without checking it out first could end up being more trouble than it’s worth. Stay safe and think about the creators you enjoy when deciding on ad blockers.

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