How to Use VLC Media Player for VR and 360° Videos

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VLC Media Player is not just for watching regular videos. It’s grown to play all sorts of files and even cool VR (Virtual Reality) and 360° videos. Let’s look into how VLC lets you dive into the world of VR and 360° videos.

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How to Use VLC Media Player for VR and 360 Videos

Understanding VR and 360° videos

VR and 360° videos bring a new twist to watching stuff by making you feel like you’re right in the middle of it all.

  • Virtual Reality (VR): Imagine stepping into a game or a movie. That’s VR. You might need special goggles to get the full effect.
  • 360° Videos: These videos let you see everything around the camera. They’re cool on a regular screen but way cooler with VR gear, letting you look around as if you’re there.

How to play VR and 360 videos in VLC

What VR video format does VLC support?

VLC plays all kinds of VR and 360° videos, like 3D-180°, 3D-360°, monoscopic and stereoscopic 360° videos, and more. Just make sure your video is in one of these formats for smooth watching.

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How to play VR or 360° videos in VLC

Watching VR or 360° videos in VLC is easy. Here’s how to do it without needing extra software.

  1. First, make sure you have the latest VLC. VR and 360° stuff works from VLC 3.0 onwards. Get the newest version from their site.Download latest version of VLC media player
  2. Open VLC Media Player.
  3. Go to the Media menu and click Open File.Open Video in VLC Windows 11
  4. Find your VR or 360° video and click Open.Open VR or 360 video in VLC
  5. VLC will play the video, letting you look around and explore different angles.

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Navigating VR and 360° content in VLC

With VLC, use your mouse or arrow keys to look around in 360° videos. There are also different viewing modes like Zoom and Little planet for 360 photos and panoramas.

How to play 360 degree video in VLC player
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Can VLC play VR videos on a VR headset?

Although VLC is great for many formats, it doesn’t fully support VR headsets yet. Some folks use other apps with VLC for a VR experience. If you’re really into VR, try out dedicated VR video players for the best experience.

SteamVR for VR and 360 videos
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Using older versions of VLC for 360° Videos

If you have an older VLC version, it might not play 360° videos right away. But there’s a workaround by downloading a specific version from VLC’s website designed for 360° videos.

  1. Go to
  2. Find and download vlc-3.0.0-git-win32.exe. This version is for 360° videos.VLC VR 360 video
  3. Install it, and you’re ready to play 360° videos.

Note: This is just a temporary fix. It’s better to update VLC for the latest features and improvements.

Some final thoughts

VLC keeps getting better, offering cool ways to watch 360° videos easily. Just a few clicks or keyboard arrows, and you can check out every angle of these videos.

But, when it’s about using VR headsets, VLC isn’t there yet. For a real-deal VR experience, it’s smarter to look into VR-specific players. They’re built to give you an immersive dive into VR content.

As the software improves, we might see VLC catch up with VR headset support. Until then, for those adventures in VR worlds, dedicated VR video players are the way to go.

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