VAL 3 Error Code in Valorant: What it Means & How to Fix

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Valorant, developed by Riot Games, is undeniably one of the most popular tactical first-person shooters in the market today. However, even the most refined games aren’t immune to occasional glitches and errors. One such issue is the “VAL 3 Error Code,” accompanied by the message, “The game has lost connection. Please relaunch the client to restore connectivity.” It’s important to note that even though the error message instructs you to relaunch the client, sometimes the error may persist no matter how many times you attempt to relaunch. In this guide, we will look into the possible causes of the VAL 3 Error Code, its meaning, and step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot and fix it.

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VAL 3 Error Code in Valorant

What could “VAL 3” error mean in Valorant and how to fix it?

The “VAL 3” error code can be caused by a wide range of factors, ranging from account-related issues to broader system and server complications. In the following sections, we’ll explore these causes in depth and provide actionable solutions.

1. Account logged in from another location

One of the primary reasons players encounter the “VAL 3” error code is due to their Valorant account being accessed from a different device or location. Riot Games has implemented this security feature to protect player accounts. If the system detects that your account is being accessed from a new or unrecognized device, it might temporarily lock you out as a safety measure.

What to do: If you’re certain that you or someone you trust has logged into your account from another device, you should consider logging out from all devices for security. If you suspect any malicious activity or unauthorized access, immediately change your password and enable two-factor authentication (if not already done).

If you’re in the game client, to logout of Valorant and Riot client, select the “Settings” and click on “Sign Out & Exit”. Additionally, it’s advisable to check your associated email for any notifications from Riot Games regarding account activity.

Sign out of Valorant and Riot

2. Connection or client-related issues

Sometimes, the “VAL 3” error can be traced back to simple connectivity issues or glitches within the Riot client itself. In certain instances, it might not be an account problem at all, but rather a hiccup in the connection between your game client and Riot’s servers. Additionally, there might be times when Valorant fails to connect to the session service, implying an issue on the server’s end or, rarely, a suspension on your account.

What to do: For connection-related issues, first, ensure that your internet connection is stable. If you’re confident about your network’s stability, restart both the Valorant game and the Riot client. This often helps reset any temporary glitches or connectivity problems.

Restart Riot Client and Valorant to fix Val 3 Error

If Valorant can’t connect to the session service, it’s essential to check your email for any communication from Riot Games. Suspensions or bans, though rare, are communicated via email. If it’s a platform issue, the Valorant Discord channel or Valorant subreddit typically provides more information. Make sure to stay updated.

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3. Firewall or network restrictions

Network issues can sometimes be more nuanced than just a shaky internet connection. The “VAL 3” error might pop up if your firewall or network settings are blocking Valorant from accessing the necessary servers. This can happen if the game isn’t whitelisted or if certain ports required by the game are blocked.

What to do: Check your firewall settings to ensure that Valorant is allowed. Navigate to your computer’s “Control Panel”, then select “System and Security”, and click on “Windows Defender Firewall”. From there, click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” and ensure that Valorant and the Riot client are both checked.

Allow Valorant and Riot Client through Windows 11 Firewall

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If you’re on a campus or company network, there might be restrictions in place that you can’t control. In such cases, contacting the network administrator or IT department might be necessary.

4. Issues with the Riot client process

Sometimes, the root of the problem lies not with Valorant itself but with the Riot client that powers the game. The “VAL 3” error can appear if the Riot client process unexpectedly closes or encounters other unforeseen issues.

What to do: In such scenarios, a complete restart of both the Valorant game and the Riot client is recommended. Make sure to close both applications entirely, and then relaunch the Riot client first, followed by Valorant. Running both the game and the client as administrator can also potentially bypass any permission-related issues that might be causing the error. To do this, right-click on the application’s icon and choose “Run as administrator”.

Run Valorant and Riot Client as administrator

5. System time and date mismatch

Though it might seem trivial, an incorrect system time and date setting can lead to several online application issues, including the “VAL 3” error in Valorant. Online games, like Valorant, often rely on accurate system time for various functions, including authentication.

What to do: Check your computer’s date and time settings. If they are incorrect, navigate to “Settings”, then “Time & Language”, and adjust your date and time accordingly. Ensure you set them to the correct values based on your time zone. Also, enabling the option for automatic date/time might be beneficial to prevent future discrepancies.

Set time automatically Windows 11

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6. Outdated game or client version

Valorant, like any other online game, receives regular updates to introduce new content, fix bugs, and improve overall player experience. An outdated game or Riot client version could be incompatible with the server, leading to errors like “VAL 3”.

What to do: Regularly check for game and client updates. When you launch the Riot client, it typically checks for updates automatically. If there’s an available update, ensure you download and install it before launching Valorant. If you suspect you’re on an outdated version, click on the “Profile” icon in the top right corner of the Riot client, then select “Settings”. Select Valorant from the list of game and make sure “Enable auto-update” is checked.

Update Valorant Val 3 Error

7. Account suspensions or bans

Though a less frequent cause, the “VAL 3” error might be indicative of a suspension or ban placed on your Valorant account. Riot Games takes fair play and community standards seriously. Any violations, such as cheating, griefing, or toxic behavior, can result in temporary suspensions or even permanent bans.

What to do: If you suspect this might be the cause, check your email inbox associated with your Riot Games account. Riot Games communicates any account disciplinary actions via email, providing the reason and duration of the suspension or ban. It’s crucial to read and understand the reasons for the suspension. If you believe it was issued mistakenly, you can reach out to Riot’s support for clarification or to appeal the decision.

Valorant Account Ban or Suspension VAL 3 Error

8. Server or platform issues

At times, the problem might not be on the user’s end but with the game servers or platform itself. Issues like server outages, high server load, or platform-wide disruptions can result in players encountering the “VAL 3” error.

What to do: In the event of platform-wide issues, keep an eye on the official Valorant Discord server for updates and announcements. Riot Games usually provides timely updates on server status and any ongoing maintenance or issues. Additionally, community platforms like Reddit and Twitter can be useful sources of real-time player reports and discussions regarding server status.

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Concluding thoughts

If you consistently encounter the “VAL 3” error in Valorant at random intervals, there’s a possibility that someone may be attempting to log into your account while you’re in-game, resulting in you being forcibly disconnected. In light of this, it’s imperative to change your password immediately to ensure the security of your account.

Should the provided solutions not address your “VAL 3” error, seeking assistance from active communities, like the Valorant subreddit on Reddit or Valorant Discord channels, can be invaluable. Fellow players and community members often share their experiences and solutions, offering a collaborative approach to troubleshooting.

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