Facebook Connection Error Try Again on iPhone or Android (Fix)

When you open Facebook on your browser, it shows Facebook Connection Error Try Again message on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. This could also happen in the mobile Facebook App with a different error message – Facebook Network Error can’t connect, Tap to retry.

This post will explain what this error actually means, why it’s occurring and what you can do to get around the problem.

Facebook Connection Error Try Again iPhone Android

Facebook Connection Error Try Again Fix

Check your internet network connection

Whether you are using a WiFi or mobile data connection, make sure the network is of stable and has sufficient signal to receive any data. This is often the case when you see the Facebook connection error try again screen.

If you are in an area where you receive a low network signal, even if you can load minimal things such as Google Search, Facebook.com may still turn up to show Facebook connection error try again message. It’s because Facebook has so much more your phone needs to load than other simple webpages such as google.com. This is especially true for Facebook connection error when opening pictures or photos.

Well, there is nothing much you can do if low network signal is the case other than moving yourself to a better signal area. Try to switch from WiFi to mobile data or vice versa and see if it works to fix the issue, if you can’t move around right now.

Clear your browser’s caches and cookies

If you keeps seeing the Facebook connection error try again screen despite making sure your connection is strong enough and that all else webpages can be loaded just fine, you may want to try to clear your browser’s cache – be it your main browser such as Safari, Google Chrome or other default mobile browsers.

The ways to clear the browsing cache’s differs from devices to devices. So, I can’t really outlined every method to clear browsing caches for every browsers in the world. The clear cache button can usually be found in the Settings or Options. It should appear as Clear browsing data, clear browsing history or other similar options.

As for Chrome in most android devices, you can clear the browsing caches and cookies by going to Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data on the Chrome app. Close the Google Chrome app and reopen it. Retry opening Facebook.com again and see if the Facebook connection error try again screen is resolved.

Facebook Connection Error Try Again Chrome

Facebook can’t connect Tap to Retry Fix

If you’re getting the Facebook can’t connect Tap to retry screen on Facebook app for iPhone or Android, you may want to try to clear the cache and data for the Facebook app or simply reinstall the app. Also, make sure that the Facebook app is up to date so that it’s connecting to the right Facebook server.

Before you do this, make sure the problem is not caused by weak networking connection. If you’re sure you have stable internet connection and yet you’re still getting the Facebook can’t connect Tap to Retry error, reinstall the Facebook app.

There may be settings or caches that causes the Facebook app to misbehave and fail to work. A reinstall of the app should fix the issue. Please keep in mind that reinstall will wipe your login data on your Facebook app. You will need to re-login to your account after reinstall the Facebook app.

Security, Antivirus or Firewall program

If you have a security app such as an Antivirus or Firewall program installed to protect your iPhone or Android devices, it may be blocking your browser or the Facebook app and refraining any connection to or from these apps, thus, showing Facebook connection error try again or Facebook can’t connect tap to retry screen.

Check your security app and see if your browser or Facebook app has been blocked. Unblock or add them to the exceptional list when necessary.

A side note for those of you who keeps trying other solutions. This particular Facebook connection error is not at all related to your account. So, don’t troubleshoot or mess around with your Facebook account trying to fix the connection error. It is simply a connection error.

In most cases, the Facebook connection error try again issue can be solved by simply switching to another network connection, or by allowing permissions for the Facebook app to receive or send data in your security app (especially Xiaomi Mi OS series which usually restrict apps from using mobile data or WiFi connection by default).

Facebook can't connect tap to retry error pictures iPhone Android

In some rare cases where your area has blocked access to Facebook, you may want to try changing DNS to Google or Cloudflare DNS on your Android or iPhone.

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