“Anonymous Proxy detected, click here” on Android, iPhone or PC

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The “Anonymous Proxy detected, click here” alert pops up on websites that notice you might be using a proxy or VPN. This happens no matter if you’re on your phone or computer. Proxies and VPNs help hide where you’re really coming from on the internet, which can be great for keeping things private or getting around blocks on certain websites. But, when a site sees an IP address that looks like it’s from a proxy or VPN, it might stop you from getting in. They do this to keep things secure or make sure only people from certain places can see their content.

Understanding this message is important because it’s all about how you get to use the web and keep your browsing private. This guide will break down what the message means, how to fix it, and how to get onto the site you want if you weren’t expecting this to happen.

Anonymous Proxy detected click here on Android iPhone PC

What does the “Anonymous Proxy detected, click here” message mean?

The message “Anonymous Proxy detected, click here” shows up on sites that have found out you might be using a proxy server or a VPN. These tools are there to hide your real IP address for many reasons, like keeping your browsing to yourself or getting to websites that are blocked in your country.

Here’s what it could mean for you:

  1. If you’re on a proxy or VPN, the website knows it and might be blocking you to make sure it’s showing its content to the right people.How to disable proxy on Android
  2. Some websites use this check as a safety step. They might want to stop people who hide their location to get around rules or keep risky visitors out.
  3. When a site tells you it’s detected an anonymous proxy and asks you to click, be careful. That link could explain why you can’t get in, or it might ask you to prove who you are. Just make sure the site is safe before you click on anything, especially if it’s asking for personal info.
  4. If you’re getting this message but you’re not using a proxy or VPN, it might be something with your internet settings or maybe your internet provider is doing something that makes the website think you are. In rare cases, it could also mean there’s unwanted software on your device.

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If you’re running into this message while trying to get to a website you trust and know you’re using a proxy or VPN, try turning it off for a bit to see if that helps. If you’re not using one and still see this message, checking your internet settings or talking to your internet provider might clear things up.

Adjusting proxy and VPN settings

First thing to try if you’re stuck on the “Anonymous Proxy detected, click here” message is to look at your proxy and VPN settings. This goes especially if you know you’re using these. On phones, you’d go into your network settings to check this. For example, on an iPhone, head to Settings > Wi-Fi, pick your network, and see if the proxy settings are on ‘Manual‘. Changing this to ‘Auto‘ and restarting your phone might fix it.

Disable proxy on iPhones

On a computer, you can do similar things in your browser settings or the network control panel. If you’re using a proxy or VPN, turning it off and then trying the website again might work. If your browser has built-in proxy services, like the Epic Privacy Browser does, you might need to change the country setting for its proxy or turn off the proxy for certain sites.

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Disable proxy in Windows 11

Remember, if you’re not doing this on purpose but still getting blocked, it might mean your network is set to use a proxy without you knowing, or there could be a glitch with the website. In these cases, your internet provider might be able to help.

Checking browser extensions and security software

Another thing to think about is whether browser extensions or security software are messing with your connection or being mistaken for proxy use by websites.

If you’re on a computer, take a look at your browser extensions. Turning them off one by one might help you find out if one of them is the problem. If turning them off helps, turn them back on one at a time to see which one was causing the trouble.

Disable Chrome Extensions

On phones, while extensions aren’t usually a thing, check if there are any VPN apps or settings messing with your connection. You can find these in the Settings app under General and VPN.

Turn off VPN on Android phone

Security apps can also get in the way. Some, like Avast, watch your network and might accidentally set off a website’s proxy alert. Turning these apps off for a bit or changing their settings might show you if they’re the issue.

Just be careful not to leave your device unprotected if you turn off security software. If you’re not sure, look up how to do it safely or get in touch with the software’s help team.

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Other potential troubleshooting steps

If you’ve tried the usual fixes and still see the “Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here” message, it might be time for some deeper digging into your device’s settings or software conflicts.

For phones, this could mean looking for any VPN apps or profiles that might be affecting your connection. Resetting your network settings to their original state can also help, but remember, this will wipe out all your saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords, as well as any VPN and APN settings you have.

Reset network settings in Android iPhone

For Mac users, trying out your computer in Recovery mode might help. This starts your Mac without any extra settings or extensions that could be causing problems. Safe mode is another option that starts up your Mac with just the basics, helping you figure out if the issue is with something that normally starts up with your computer.

Contacting the relevant support teams

If nothing works, it might be time to reach out for help:

  1. Specific website issues? Talking to their support team might give you some answers or let you know if the problem is on their end.
  2. If it seems like your internet setup might be the issue, your internet provider might be able to help.
  3. And if you think there’s something bigger going on with your device, a pro technician can take a closer look.

Summing up

Seeing the “Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here” message means a website thinks you’re using a proxy or VPN. This can block you from seeing stuff online. If you know you’re using one, try turning it off to see if you can get in. If you’re not using a proxy or VPN and still see this message, you might need to check your settings or talk to someone for help. The goal is to make sure you’re not accidentally hiding your location if the website’s not cool with it.

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