Shortcut for “Save image as” on Chrome or Windows 11

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Want to save images fast on Chrome or Windows but feel stuck because there isn’t a simple keyboard shortcut like for other stuff? You’re not the only one. Sadly, there’s no magic one-key press to quickly save images. It usually means right-clicking the image and picking “save image as” from the menu, which can feel a bit slow.

But don’t worry, there are some smart ways to make this quicker, especially with some cool Chrome extensions that can help a lot.

Shortcut for Save image as on Chrome or Windows 11

Keyboard shortcuts for “Save image as” on Chrome

Looking for a speedy method that doesn’t need extra stuff installed? Check out this trick. It’s a mix of using your mouse and keyboard. Not exactly one-key easy, but definitely quicker than the old way. Here’s the drill:

  1. First, go to the image you want to save.
  2. Right-click the image, then instead of looking through the menu, hit V on your keyboard. This pops up the save dialogue.Save picture as keyboard shortcut Chrome
  3. With the save dialogue open, just press Enter. This saves the image where you last saved something through Chrome.Save image as shortcut for Windows 11

In short, just right-click the image, press V, then Enter. This way is much faster than the usual click-fest.

But if you’re after a one-click wonder, check out these Chrome extensions designed exactly for that.

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Chrome extension: Image Handling Shortcuts

For a slick way to save images on Chrome, try “Image Handling Shortcuts”. This extension cuts down the clicks when dealing with images. You can save or copy image addresses with easy shortcuts, skipping the mouse marathon.

Keyboard shortcut to save image as in Chrome using extension

It gives you shortcuts like CTRL + SHIFT + S to save an image and CTRL + SHIFT + C to copy the image’s address. Just hover over the image and hit the shortcut. It’s a big time-saver for anyone working with lots of web images.

To get this extension, head over to the Chrome Web Store and look for “Image Handling Shortcuts”.

Search for save image as shortcut extension on Chrome

Chrome Extension: One-Click Image Downloader

Another handy Chrome extension is “One-Click Image Downloader”. It makes downloading images a breeze by adding a download button right on the images in a webpage. Just hover over an image, and click to download it in a snap.

Save image as with one click on Chrome Windows 11

Plus, it’s got cool features like downloading all visible images at once and auto-scrolling to grab images, which is awesome for grabbing lots of images quickly. Just a heads-up, it might not work on every single site, but for regular image downloading, it’s a game-changer.

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Searching for other browser extensions for better image management

Want even more options for easy image saving in Chrome? There’s a bunch of extensions out there with different features like batch downloading, renaming before saving, or changing image sizes and formats before you download. Some even let you save directly to cloud storage.

Chrome extensions for save image as shortcut

There’s probably an extension that’s just right for what you need, whether you’re a designer, a researcher, or just someone who likes their images neat and tidy. Just make sure to check out reviews and permissions to keep things safe and sound. With the right extension, saving images can be super quick and easy.

Concluding thoughts

So, even though there’s no one-key shortcut for “Save image as” in Chrome or Windows, these workarounds and extensions make saving images way faster and more convenient. Whether you go for the keyboard-mouse combo or pick a Chrome extension like “Image Handling Shortcuts” or “One-Click Image Downloader”, you’re set for a smoother experience.

It all comes down to what you need and how you like to work. These tools make it easier and faster to grab images from the web, fitting nicely into your workflow. Happy image saving!

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