Install or Uninstall Windows 11 Snipping Tool via PowerShell

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The Snipping Tool has long been a valuable part of the Windows ecosystem, allowing users to capture screenshots and snips of their desktops with ease. With the advent of Windows 11, the Snipping Tool has experienced certain enhancements, maintaining its relevance among users. However, for those who might encounter situations where it isn’t pre-installed, has been accidentally removed, or for those who choose to remove it, PowerShell provides a seamless method for these actions. In this guide, we will show you the straightforward PowerShell command lines you can use to either install or uninstall the Snipping Tool in Windows 11.

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Install or Uninstall Windows 11 Snipping Tool via PowerShell

Prerequisites: Running PowerShell as Administrator

Before we delve into the Snipping Tool installation or uninstallation process, it’s crucial to ensure you have the necessary permissions to make these changes on your Windows 11 computer.

  1. Locate the Search Bar on your taskbar or simply press Win + S.
  2. Type in “PowerShell”.
  3. In the search results, right-click on “Windows PowerShell” and select “Run as administrator”.Windows 11 PowerShell Run as administrator
  4. You might be prompted with a User Account Control dialog asking if you want to allow the app to make changes to your device. Click “Yes”.Run PowerShell as Admin UAC Confirmation
  5. A blue window will open, indicating that you are now running PowerShell with administrative privileges.

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Now that you have PowerShell up and running with the necessary permissions, we can proceed to the installation or uninstallation steps.

How to install Snipping Tool using PowerShell

If for some reason the Snipping Tool isn’t already available on your Windows 11 device, you can easily install it using PowerShell with just one line command. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Ensure that your PowerShell window, which you opened in administrator mode, is active.
  2. To install the Snipping Tool, type in the following command:
    Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers *Microsoft.ScreenSketch* | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

    Install Snipping Tool in Windows 11 with PowerShell commandThis command checks for the Snipping Tool package (known as Microsoft.ScreenSketch in Windows 11) across all user accounts and registers it if not already done.

  3. Wait for the command to execute completely. Depending on your system’s speed and current workload, it might take a few moments.
  4. Once completed, verify the installation. You can do this by navigating to the Start Menu and typing “Snipping Tool” or “Screen Sketch”. The app should appear in the search results, indicating a successful installation and it’s ready for use.How to reinstall Snipping Tool in Windows 11 via PowerShell

Note: Should you encounter any errors during the installation, ensure you maintain an active internet connection. Sometimes, Windows might need to access online resources during the process.

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How to uninstall Snipping Tool using PowerShell

There might be instances where you find the need to declutter your system or simply want to rely on third-party software for screenshot purposes. In such scenarios, uninstalling the Snipping Tool from Windows 11 can be swiftly done through PowerShell. Let’s guide you through the process:

  1. Ensure your PowerShell window, running in administrator mode, is at the forefront and active.
  2. To uninstall the Snipping Tool, input the following command:
    Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.ScreenSketch* | Remove-AppxPackage

    Uninstall Snipping Tool using PowerShellThis command seeks out the Snipping Tool package (recognized as Microsoft.ScreenSketch in Windows 11) and instructs PowerShell to remove it from your system.

  3. Allow a moment for the command to execute. The duration depends on several factors including system speed and current operations.
  4. After execution, to verify the tool’s uninstallation, navigate to the Start Menu and type in “Snipping Tool” or “Screen Sketch”. If the uninstallation was successful, the app should no longer appear in the search results.How to uninstall Snipping Tool in Windows 11 using PowerShell

Note: Always exercise caution when utilizing PowerShell, especially when uninstalling packages. Ensure you input commands correctly to prevent unintended software removals.

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Tip: Restoring all default Windows apps

At times, after uninstalling specific default apps, you might realize their utility or simply change your mind. Windows 11 provides a straightforward way to reinstall all these default apps at once. In this context, if you’ve previously removed the Snipping Tool (or other default apps) and wish to retrieve it, the process is just one PowerShell command line away.

Here’s how to restore default Windows apps:

  1. Ensure that your PowerShell window, opened in administrator mode, is active.
  2. To restore all default apps that come pre-installed with Windows 11, type in the following command:
    Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

    Restoring all default Windows 11 apps PowerShellExecuting this command will reinstall all the default apps for Windows. It parses through each available app package and registers it afresh.

  3. Allow some time for the process to finish. This could vary based on the number of apps being restored and system performance at the moment.
  4. Verify the restoration by going to the Start Menu. You should now find the Snipping Tool, alongside other default apps, reinstalled and accessible.

Note: Reinstalling all default apps might take a considerable amount of time, depending on the system’s performance. Ensure that the process is not interrupted. If you specifically want to restore only the Snipping Tool, you can follow the installation steps mentioned earlier in this guide.

Wrapping up

PowerShell provides a robust and efficient means to manage software on your Windows 11 device. Whether you’re aiming to install or uninstall the Snipping Tool, or even other default apps, the process is straightforward with these commands. Familiarizing yourself with such techniques can drastically enhance your mastery over Windows systems and streamline various tasks.

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