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Discord is a cool place where folks get together to talk, and VLC media player is awesome for playing videos and music. Even though they don’t work together out of the box, you can still show off your VLC videos on Discord with a bit of magic called screen sharing. This way, you can share all the cool stuff you’re watching with your Discord buddies pretty easily.

But sometimes, things might not go as planned. You might end up with no sound, a bit of lag, or even a black screen. Don’t worry, though. This guide will walk you through how to share your VLC content on Discord and fix those common issues.

How to Stream VLC on Discord

How to stream VLC on Discord

Getting VLC to show up on Discord isn’t too hard. It’s all about sharing your screen. But to dodge problems like missing sound, a stuttery video, or a black screen, here’s the proper step-by-step:

  1. First, install Discord on your computer. The web version won’t let you share your screen, so make sure to download and install the app. If you’re new, set up your account. If you’re already a Discord pro, just log in.Open Discord in Windows 11
  2. Next, make sure you’ve got VLC ready with a video you want to show off. If you don’t have VLC, head to their website, download it for your computer, and install it. Pop open VLC, pick your video, and get it ready.Play a video in VLC player
  3. Jump into Discord and go to the server where you want to stream. Click on a voice channel to start chatting.Join a voice channel in Discord
  4. Look for a “Screen” button at the bottom left of Discord. Hit “Share your screen” to get going.Start Discord Stream
  5. A window will pop up. Under “Applications,” you should see VLC if it’s open. Just click on VLC.Stream VLC on Discord
  6. Before you go live, you can tweak your stream settings like quality, resolution, and frame rate. Some options might need Discord Nitro. When you’re ready, click “Go Live”.VLC Discord Stream video quality and FPS

And that’s it! Now you’re streaming VLC on Discord. Anyone in the same voice channel can watch along.

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No sound in Discord while streaming VLC

Not getting any sound while sharing VLC on Discord? Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Check Discord’s sound settings. Go to settings, find “Voice & Video,” and make sure the right devices are picked for sound. Mess with the sensitivity settings if the sound keeps cutting out.No sound in Discord while streaming VLC
  2. Take a look at VLC’s sound settings. Open VLC, go to “Tools” > “Preferences,” and under “Audio,” make sure the right output device is picked and nothing’s muted.Check VLC audio settings
  3. In Discord’s settings, under “Voice & Video” > “Advanced,” try turning off “Use an experimental method to capture audio from applications” and see if that fixes the sound.Discord use an experimental method to capture audio from applications
  4. In Discord’s “Voice & Video” settings, you can try different audio subsystem options like “Legacy” or “Experimental” to get the sound back.Discord Audio Subsystem
  5. Restart both VLC and Discord. Sometimes, just turning it off and on again fixes things.
  6. Make sure Discord is up to date. Updates can fix bugs and improve things like sound issues.

If these steps don’t help, double-check your computer’s sound settings and make sure everything’s plugged in right.

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Lag during Discord VLC stream

Lag can be super annoying when you’re trying to share a video over Discord. Here are a few tricks to smooth things out:

  1. Try lowering the streaming quality on Discord. Click on “Share your screen,” then adjust the “Stream Quality” to something a bit easier on your internet. Dropping the resolution or frame rate can help.Change VLC Discord Stream quality
  2. Go to Discord’s settings, under “Voice & Video,” and turn off “OpenH264 Video Codec” and “Hardware Acceleration.” Sometimes this can help make things smoother.Discord VLC stream Lag
  3. Make sure your internet is solid. If you can, plug into your router with a cable instead of using Wi-Fi.
  4. Close any programs you don’t need right now. Other apps might be hogging your computer’s attention and slowing things down.
  5. Try restarting Discord to kick it back into gear. Shut it down, then open it up again and start your VLC stream anew.

If lag continues, your computer might not be beefy enough for streaming. Check if your setup meets the specs for smooth streaming and think about ways to beef up your system.

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Black screen in VLC stream on Discord

Running into a black screen can throw a wrench in your streaming plans. Here’s how you can try to fix it:

  1. Toggle “OpenH264 Video Codec” and “Hardware Acceleration” in Discord’s settings under “Voice & Video.” Playing around with these settings might get rid of the black screen issue.Discord VLC stream Lag
  2. Check if your computer’s graphics drivers are up to date. Old drivers can cause problems like black screens.
  3. If you’re still stuck, try using a different screen capture tool. There might be a better fit for your setup out there.
  4. Running Discord as an administrator can help. Right-click the Discord icon and pick ‘Run as administrator’ to give it the permissions it might need.Discord VLC stream Black Screen
  5. If nothing else works, stop streaming, close everything down, and then start them up again and try to share your screen once more.

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Some final thoughts

Sharing VLC videos on Discord is a fun way to turn watching movies or listening to music into a group thing. Discord makes it easy to share what you’re watching or listening to with its screen sharing feature.

Just like any other app, sometimes Discord might give you issues, like not playing sounds right. A quick check of your Discord settings might save the day. And remember, there are lots of ways to share what you love watching or listening to with your pals, not just on Discord.

Just a heads up, sharing movies or music you don’t have the rights to is a no-go on Discord and pretty much everywhere else. Always play it cool and stick to stuff that’s okay to share.

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