How to Record Voice With Microphone on Windows 11/10

Want to quickly record your voice, somebody else’s voice or any audio with your microphone on Windows 11 or Windows 10? Here’s a short tutorial on how to do it without the need of installing any software.

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Record voice on Windows 11 or 10

Windows 11/10 comes with a variety of useful built-in apps which include a simple recorder app called Voice Recorder. With the help of the Voice Recorder app, you can easily and quickly record any voice that comes from your microphone without having to install any other recorder software. Here’s how to use the app to record voices and audio from your Mic on Windows 11/10.

  1. Go to Start menu.
  2. Search and open Voice Recorder.
    Record voice from Microphone in Windows 11

    Windows 11

    How to Record Your Voice or Audio From Microphone on Windows 10

    Windows 10

  3. Click on the blue Record button to start recording voice or audio from your microphone.
    • Alternatively, you can press CTRL+R hotkey to start recording.How to Record Your Voice on Windows 10
  4. To stop recording, click on the blue button again.
    • To pause the recording, click on the pause button. You can then resume the recording by pressing the same button again.
    • To add a marker, click on the flag icon, or press CTRL+M keys.How to Record Voice Audio Windows 10 Microphone
  5. As soon as you click the Stop recording button, Voice Recorder will immediately save your recording and list it along with all your past recordings on the next screen. From there you can playback your recordings by left clicking them.
    • By right-clicking any of your recordings on the list, you can share, rename or delete them as you want.where does voice recorder windows 10 save file location

    Optionally, you can pin Voice Recorder app to Start or taskbar for quick access so you don’t miss out any surprise occasion that worth recording.

    Pin Voice Recorder to Start taskbar Windows 10

    Where does Voice recorder save files on Windows 11/10

    The folder path below is the file location of where the voice recorder app save its voice recordings. Replace your_username with your actual Windows account’s username.

    C:\Users\your_username\Documents\Sound recordings

    All your recordings using the Voice Recorder app will be saved as M4A audio file type.

    voice recorder windows 10 file location

    Another better method to quickly access to this folder is by opening it directly from the Voice Recording app. Right-click any of your recordings on the app, then click Open file location.

    where does voice recorder windows 10 save file location

    Voice Recorder shows “To get started, connect a microphone”

    If you see “To get started, connect a microphone” message when you open the app, it means Windows couldn’t detect a working microphone connected to your PC, or that the app is blocked from accessing your microphone.

    Voice Recorder Windows 10 To get started connect a microphone

    For the latter, make sure the “Allow apps to access your microphone” option is turned on in Settings > Privacy > Microphone.

    how to record voice audio Windows 10 allow apps to access microphone

    If you have issue with your connected external or a built-in microphone on your laptop or desktop PC, the following may be of help.

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