How to Allow or Block Multiple Downloads in Chrome

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Many people who use Chrome want to manage how it deals with downloading lots of files at once. You might want to stop your browser from downloading lots of files automatically from a website, or maybe you’re okay with it for websites you trust. Even though it might seem a bit tricky to change these settings in Chrome, it’s actually not too hard once you know what to do. We’re going to show you how to let or stop Chrome from downloading multiple files.

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Allow or Block Multiple Downloads in Chrome

Step 1: Accessing Chrome settings

First up, let’s go to Chrome’s settings. This is where you’ll find all the bits and bobs to tweak how Chrome deals with file downloads.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your device.
  2. Look for three vertical dots in the top right corner of the window. That’s the menu. Click it.
  3. Scroll down in the menu that pops up and click on “Settings”. This will take you to where you can adjust Chrome’s settings.Chrome menu Settings

Step 2: Navigating to Privacy and Security settings

Now that you’re in the general settings, let’s move on to the privacy and security part. This is where you can manage download settings.

  1. Look for a list of options on the settings page. Pick “Privacy and security”. This bit is all about how Chrome handles your data and keeps your browsing safe.
  2. In the Privacy and Security menu, find and click on “Site Settings”. This lets you set up what individual websites can and can’t do, including their download settings.Chrome Privacy Security Site Settings

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Step 3: Adjusting “Automatic Download” settings

Once you’re in the “Site Settings,” it’s time to check out the automatic downloads section. This is where you can choose how Chrome handles downloads, especially when a website tries to download multiple files at once. You’ll want to set this up in a way that works for you, keeping things convenient yet safe.

  1. Find “Automatic downloads” in the list of permissions. It might be under “Additional permissions” or “Additional content settings” depending on your Chrome version.
  2. Clicking on “Automatic downloads” opens a new page.Allow multiple file downloads automatically in Chrome
  3. Chrome usually asks you before downloading multiple files or blocks it. This is the standard setting for all websites unless you say otherwise.
    • Sites can ask to automatically download multiple files: If you turn this on, websites will ask you before downloading lots of files. It’s a good middle ground, giving you the choice each time.
    • Don’t allow sites to automatically download multiple files: Picking this option means more security. It stops any site from downloading lots of files without you saying it’s to block multiple downloads in Chrome
  4. You can also decide these settings for specific websites. Tell Chrome which sites can always download multiple files and which can’t.
    • Block: Sites here can’t download files without asking.
    • Allow: Sites here can download multiple files without needing to ask.How to allow multiple file downloads from a specific website in Chrome
  5. To let or stop downloads from a certain site, click on “Add” in either the Allow or Block section and type in the website’s to block multiple file downloads from specific site in Chrome

By tweaking these settings, you make sure Chrome handles multiple file downloads just the way you like, whether you want to save time on sites you trust or keep your device safe from unwanted downloads.

Beware when allowing multiple downloads from untrusted sites

Changing settings for downloading lots of files in Chrome is something to be careful with. Letting this happen on sites you don’t trust could bring trouble. Bad software, known as malware, might get into your device this way, leading to problems like stolen data or harmful attacks.

Even sites that aren’t exactly bad might fill your computer with stuff you don’t want, which can slow things down or mess with how well things run. Also, be wary of tricks or scams disguised as downloads. Allowing lots of files to download automatically makes it easier to accidentally fall for these tricks.

Downloading lots of files at once can also make your browser and computer work harder, which might lead to crashes or slow performance. It’s best to only let multiple files download automatically from websites you totally trust. Always be careful and think it over before changing these settings for sites you’re not sure about.

Final thoughts

Dealing with multiple file downloads in Chrome is mostly about finding the right balance for you. The browser’s default is to keep things secure, which might block downloads from sites you trust or let unwanted downloads start. Most folks fix this by changing their Chrome settings to better match what they need.

Basically, if you’re often downloading files from certain websites and you trust them, it makes sense to let Chrome handle these downloads automatically. But if you’re worried about unwanted downloads from sites you don’t know well, it’s smarter to have Chrome ask you each time or just block them. This way, you stay in control of what gets downloaded and keep your online browsing safe.

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