How to Download Google Maps for Windows 10

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After years since Google Maps exists, it is still not available as a standalone downloadable app for Windows. The downloadable Google Maps app is only available on mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. However, Google Maps is accessible from any web browser, thus, no installation is actually needed if you want to use Google Maps on Windows 10. You can simply open Google Maps by visiting to on any modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. If you are looking for a way to launch Google Maps as quickly and as easily as possible, this guide will show you several ways to do so.

Google Maps Download for Windows 10

Download Google Maps for Windows 10

App Launcher for Google Maps

The easier way to open Google Maps is by adding this extension called App Launcher for Google Maps to your Chrome browser. It allows users to open Google Maps that is separate from a browser tab or window, as if you are opening Google Maps individually as an app.

The concept of this chrome’s extension is to provide users a much more easy way to access Google Maps. It does also loads faster than you normally loading Google Maps from a browser window. The main functionality of the app is to launch Google Maps. So, it supports everything the standard Google Maps does.

Here’s how to install App launcher for Google Maps on chrome and how to use it to launch Google Maps easily in Windows 10.

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to this page (Update: It seems the developer has removed the extension from Chrome store. For now, try the alternative below or use Google Maps on your mobile phone to download offline maps).
  2. Click on Add to Chrome button to add App Launcher for Google Maps extension to your Chrome browser.Install Google Maps app Windows 10
  3. Once added, you can launch Google Maps from your Windows 10 start menu. You can also pin it to the start menu so that it can be easily launched next time by right-click the app and then select pin to start.Pin Google Maps to start menu Windows 10
    1. Alternatively, you can launch Google Maps from the Chrome’s Apps page. Here’s a few ways to quickly access to the Chrome’s apps page:
      • Click the on Apps icon from the bookmark toolbar as shown in the screenshot below.Chrome Google Maps offline installer download
      • Alternatively, you can enter chrome://apps onto your chrome’s address bar to access to the Apps page.
    2. Click on Google Maps to launch it.
  4. Google Maps should then open in a standalone window.Launch Google Maps on Windows 10

Google Maps Alternative on Windows 10 – Windows Map

If you insist to use a map app or program offline without relying on a web browser or any other program, the best Google Maps alternative for Windows 10 is Windows Maps. Windows Maps, developed by Microsoft, is made specifically for Windows and can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Windows Map

To download Windows Map on Windows 10, open Microsoft Store. Make sure you are signed into your Microsoft account. Search for Windows Map in the store and then click the Get button to install it. If it’s already installed, you should see the Launch button instead. Click on the triple dotted option icon beside the button and click Pin to start or taskbar for easier access.

Microsot Windows Map for Windows 10

Google Earth Offline for Windows 10

If you are looking for just an offline map for Windows 10, you may want to try Google earth offline installer for Windows 10. Read more here: Google Earth Free Download for Windows 10 Offline Installer (PC).

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