Windows 11 System Properties (Advanced System Settings)

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The System Properties window is the place we use to access Windows advanced system settings such as changing the computer or workgroup name, managing page file (virtual memory), enabling or disabling visual effects, configuring system startup and system failure settings, accessing system restore, and managing remote assistance.

As Windows 11 features a new design and some interface changes, especially in the Settings compared to Windows 10, the way to open the System Properties window in Windows 11 is a little different.

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How to open System Properties in Windows 11

System Properties in Windows 11

Advanced System Settings via Settings app

In Windows 11, the most common method to open System Properties is to select the “Advanced System Settings” option in the Settings app.

  1. Press Win + i keys to open Settings.
  2. On the left pane, select System.
  3. Then, on the right, select About.System About Windows 11
  4. In the About page, scroll down and click “Advanced system settings” in the Related links section.Windows 11 advanced system settings
  5. The System Properties window will be opened.

Alternatively, you can open the System’s About settings directly by right-clicking in the “This PC” directory in File Explorer window and select Properties.

This PC Properties Windows 11

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Use Windows Search

The easiest method would be to simply search for “advanced system settings” via the Start menu search in Windows 11.

Go to the Start menu and search using the keyword “advanced system settings”. Then, select View advanced system settings from the search result to open the System Properties window in Windows 11.

View Advanced System Settings Start menu

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Run Command

You can also use the Run dialog box to open the System Properties in Windows 11. To do so, first press Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Next, in the Open text field, type sysdm.cpl (System Device Manager Control Panel applet) and click OK to open the advanced system settings.

Open System Properties via Run Command

Open System Properties via CMD or PowerShell

In addition, you can also use the same command line “sysdm.cpl” in Command Prompt, PowerShell or Windows Terminal to open the advanced system settings in Windows 11.

  1. Open Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell or Windows Terminal via Start.Open CMD Windows 11
  2. In the command prompt window, type sysdm.cpl and press Enter.Open System Properties via Command Prompt
  3. This will directly open the System Properties window.

Create a shortcut to instantly open System Properties

If you often find yourself needing to go to the System Properties window, you can create a desktop shortcut to open it directly. You can even set up a keyboard shortcut to open the advanced system settings via the desktop shortcut, which we will show you later.

To create a shortcut to open System Properties in Windows 11, follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click any empty area on the desktop, and then select New > Shortcut.New Shortcut Windows 11
  2. In the Create Shortcut wizard, type sysdm.cpl in the “Type the location of the item” field. Click Next to continue.How to get to system properties in Windows 11
  3. Next, type a name for the shortcut (any name you like).Create Shortcut for System Properties
  4. Click Finish to create the shortcut.
  5. Now, whenever you want to open the System Properties window, simply double-click this desktop shortcut to open it.System Properties desktop shortcut

To set up a hotkey to open the System Properties, first follow the steps above to create the desktop shortcut, and then follow the steps below to set a shortcut key to open the shortcut.

  1. Right-click the desktop shortcut you’ve created and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties window, click in the text field next to “Shortcut key”.
  3. Then, press the shortcut keys you want to set to open the System Properties window, for example, Ctrl + Alt + S or any other shortcut key combination you prefer.Keyboard shortcut to open System Properties in Windows 11
  4. Click OK to save the changes.
  5. Now, whenever you want to go to the Advanced System Settings, just press the shortcut key you have set earlier.
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