What is TrackerUpdate.exe (Tracker Updater) in Windows?

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With all the executables and processes that run in the background of our Windows operating systems, “TrackerUpdate.exe“, commonly known as “Tracker Updater“, is one name that might have piqued your interest. Whether you spotted it in your Task Manager, came across it during a routine system check, or just heard about it in software forums, you’re likely wondering what this process is and if it’s something you should be worried about.

In this article, we’ll look into what the TrackerUpdate.exe process is, what it’s used for and and whether it could be a virus or malware, and if you should be concerned about it when you find it in Windows 11 or Windows 10.

What is TrackerUpdate.exe (Tracker Updater) in Windows 11 10

What is TrackerUpdate.exe (Tracker Updater)?

“TrackerUpdate.exe”, commonly referred to as “Tracker Updater”, is an executable process associated with the software suite provided by Tracker Software Products. Notably, Tracker Software Products is recognized for its PDF-related tools such as the PDF-XChange Editor and PDF-Tools.

Tracker Software Products PDF-XChange Editor

When software is as feature-rich and frequently updated as those offered by Tracker Software, it requires a dedicated system to manage updates, ensuring users get the latest features, security patches, and bug fixes. This is where “TrackerUpdate.exe” comes into play. Its primary purpose is to check for updates to the software, download them when available, and sometimes even initiate the installation process, all in an effort to keep your software version current.

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Tracker Updater Windows 11 10

Is TrackerUpdate.exe a virus or malware?

It’s common to be skeptical of unfamiliar processes, especially when they occasionally use network resources or show up unexpectedly in the Task Manager. However, if “TrackerUpdate.exe” is genuinely associated with Tracker Software Products, it is not a virus or malware.

That being said, it’s crucial to ensure the legitimacy of the file:

  • Location matters: Authentic “TrackerUpdate.exe” files will typically reside in a directory related to “Tracker Software”, often in the “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” folders on your system drive. If you find the executable outside of these locations, it could be suspicious.TrackerUpdate.exe file location
    You can check the location of the process by right-clicking it in the Task Manager and selecting “Open file location“.What is TrackerUpdate.exe
  • File properties: Right-click on the file and choose “Properties”. Under the “Details” tab, you should find information tying it back to Tracker Software Products.Tracker Updater PDF-XChange Editor
  • Scan with antivirus: As a precaution, you can always perform a scan of the file using your preferred antivirus or antimalware tool.

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Should I be worried about TrackerUpdate.exe?

If you have legitimately installed software from Tracker Software Products, there’s typically no reason for concern regarding “TrackerUpdate.exe”. It’s simply doing its job to keep your software updated. However, be mindful of the following:

  • Unexpected behavior: If you notice the process using an excessive amount of system resources, attempting frequent unsolicited internet connections, or behaving abnormally, it might be a cause for concern.
  • Unfamiliar installations: If you haven’t installed any software from Tracker Software Products but still see “TrackerUpdate.exe” running, it’s advisable to investigate further. Sometimes, bundled software installations can include programs you didn’t explicitly choose to install.
  • Run a full system scan: As a precautionary measure, especially if you’re unsure about the origins or behavior of any executable on your computer, it’s always a good idea to run a full system scan. You can use Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus solution on Windows 11 and 10, or any reputable third-party antivirus software. This will help identify and remove potential threats.Windows Defender Run Full Scan
  • Stay updated: As with all software, ensure you’re using the latest version. Updates often address vulnerabilities, bugs, and offer new features. Navigate to the software’s “Help” or “About” section and click on “Check for Updates” or a similar option to ensure you’re current.

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How to manage TrackerUpdate.exe on your Windows system

For users who are more hands-on with their system management or simply want to understand better how “TrackerUpdate.exe” operates, here are some steps and recommendations:

1. Viewing the process

To see if “TrackerUpdate.exe” is running on your system:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc or right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager”.
  • In the Task Manager, check the “Processes” tab for “TrackerUpdate.exe” or “Tracker Updater”.

2. Disabling automatic updates (if desired)

If for any reason you wish to prevent the software from checking for updates automatically:

  • Open the Tracker Software product you have installed (e.g., PDF-XChange Editor).
  • Navigate to the “Settings” or “Preferences” menu.
  • Look for an option related to updates (often under a “General” or “Updates” subsection) and choose to disable or modify the frequency of automatic update checks.

3. Manual update check

To ensure you’re using the latest version without relying on automatic updates:

  • Open the Tracker Software application.
  • Navigate to the “Help” or “About” section.
  • Click on “Check for Updates” to see if a newer version is available.

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4. Removing or uninstalling Tracker Software products

If you decide that you no longer want the software:

  • Press Windows + I to open “Settings”.
  • Click on “Apps”, and then “Apps & Features” or “Installed apps”.
  • Scroll or search for the Tracker Software product (e.g. PDF-XChange) you wish to uninstall, click on it, and then select “Uninstall”.Uninstall Tracker Updater PDF-XChange Editor


“TrackerUpdate.exe”, or “Tracker Updater”, is a legitimate and generally benign process related to Tracker Software Products’ suite of tools. While it’s essential to approach all unfamiliar processes with caution, understanding the origin and purpose of an executable goes a long way in ensuring peace of mind. Always make sure to keep your software up to date, regularly check your system for any anomalies, and maintain a reliable security solution for optimal computer health.

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