Why Isn’t Logitech Options+ Flow Working on Windows 11?

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Efficient multi-device management has become a cornerstone of modern computing, especially when it involves integrating peripherals like keyboards and mice across various operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Logitech Options Flow is an impressive feature that streamlines this process, enabling seamless control of your mouse and keyboard across multiple computers if you are using their products.

However, Windows 11 users may face a frustrating issue where Logitech Flow, part of Logitech Options or the newer Logi Options+ (Plus), stops working, preventing the mouse and keyboard from operating across different computers. This article addresses the root causes of this problem and provides potential solutions to restore the functionality of Logitech Flow.

Logitech Flow not working Windows 11

Understanding Logitech Flow and its setup

Before jumping into the troubleshooting steps, it’s important to understand what Logitech Flow is and how it’s typically set up. Logitech Flow is a revolutionary feature of Logitech Options (and its newer iteration, Logi Options+ Plus) software that enables users to control up to three computers with one mouse and keyboard. Additionally, it allows for the transfer of text, images, and files between the computers simply by copying on one and pasting on the other, provided they are connected to the same network.

The correct steps to set up Logitech Flow:

  1. Download and install Logitech Options: Ensure that you have the latest version of Logitech Options installed on all the computers you want to use with Flow.
  2. Connect your Logitech devices: Connect your Flow-compatible Logitech mouse and, if applicable, keyboard to the computers.Setting up Logitech Flow in Windows 11
  3. Enable Flow: Open Logitech Options, navigate to the Flow section, and follow the on-screen instructions to enable Flow. You’ll need to confirm that each computer is connected to the same network and that you are logged into a Logitech account.Enable Logitech Options Flow in Windows 11
  4. Adjust settings as needed: Customize the Flow settings, such as the edge of the screen where the cursor will switch to the next computer and any specific copy-paste settings.

Once you have Logitech Flow set up, it should work properly. However, if you encounter issues with Flow on Windows 11, the following solutions may help.

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First solution: Allow LogiOptionsMgr.Exe through the Windows Firewall

One of the most common culprits when Logitech Flow isn’t working as intended is the Windows Defender Firewall settings. Ensuring that the LogiOptionsMgr.Exe, a core component of both Logitech Options and Logi Options+, is allowed through the firewall is essential for Flow to operate smoothly. Here’s how you can check and adjust your firewall settings:

  1. Open Windows Firewall settings: Click on the Start Menu, type “Allow an app through Windows Firewall” and select the matching Control Panel result.Allow an app through Firewall Windows 11
  2. Change settings: Click on the “Change settings” button. You may need administrative privileges to perform this action.
  3. Allow Logitech Options: Scroll through the list of allowed apps and features to find Logitech Options and LogiOptionsMgr.Exe. If they are not on the list, click on the “Allow another app…” button to browse and add them. Ensure both the “Private” and “Public” boxes are checked for these entries.Logitech Options Flow doesn't work in Windows 11
  4. Apply and OK: Once you’ve added Logitech Options and LogiOptionsMgr.Exe to the allowed list and checked the appropriate boxes, click “OK” to apply the changes.
  5. Restart your computer: To ensure that the new settings take effect, restart your computer and then try using Logitech Flow again.

By following these steps, you’re ensuring that Logitech Flow is not being hindered by Windows Defender Firewall. However, if the problem persists, we may need to consider the possibility of interference from antivirus software.

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Second solution: Temporarily disable antivirus software

Antivirus software is designed to protect your computer from malicious activities, but sometimes it can be a little overzealous and interfere with legitimate applications like Logitech Options. If Logitech Flow is still not working after adjusting your firewall settings, your antivirus, especially Malwarebytes, could be the cause. Here’s how to test and resolve this:

  1. Disable antivirus temporarily: Locate your antivirus icon on the taskbar or in the system tray. Right-click it and look for an option to disable protection temporarily. If prompted, choose the shortest duration available for the disablement.Disable Antivirus Software
  2. Test Logitech Flow: With the antivirus turned off, try using Logitech Flow again. If it starts working, this indicates that your antivirus was blocking it.
  3. Whitelist Logitech Options: Re-enable your antivirus software and go into its settings. Look for a section on exceptions, whitelisting, or allowed applications. Add Logitech Options and LogiOptionsMgr.Exe to this list to prevent future interference.Whitelist Antivirus
  4. Consider alternative antivirus software: If whitelisting doesn’t solve the problem or you’re not satisfied with your current antivirus, consider switching to a different antivirus solution that may be more compatible with Logitech Options.
  5. Keep your antivirus updated: Ensure that your antivirus software is up to date. Sometimes issues with legitimate software are fixed in antivirus updates.

Remember, your computer’s security is important, so you should not leave your antivirus disabled. If disabling the antivirus solves the Flow issue, make sure to re-enable it and set the appropriate exceptions as soon as possible.

Additional solutions for Logitech Flow issues in Windows 11

In addition to the previously mentioned solutions, there are other methods that users have found effective in resolving Logitech Flow issues on Windows 11. Here are some steps based on the latest user feedback and support forums:

  1. Adjust Logi Bolt app settings:
    • With the latest updates, particularly with the introduction of Logi Options+ Plus, some users have reported changes in the way devices are added or removed from Logitech Options, with the task now being routed through a new webpage called “Logi Web Connect.”Logi Bolt app settings
    • This change requires an internet connection even for simple tasks like pairing or unpairing a device, which can affect how Logitech Flow functions​.
  2. Ensure proper network setup:
    • Logitech Flow relies on a stable network connection between the computers it is set up on. Therefore, it’s important to check that your network settings are configured correctly to allow for the necessary communication between devices.
    • Make sure the necessary ports are allowed through your firewall settings by checking the “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security” inbound rules for LogiOptionsMgr.Exe​.
  3. Update Logitech Options software:
    • Logitech periodically releases updates to their software, which can fix known bugs or compatibility issues. If your Logitech Flow keeps disconnecting, ensure you have the latest version of Logitech Options installed.Download Logitech Options Plus for Flow in Windows 11 Mac
    • To check for updates, visit the Logitech Options website and look for the download section. If an update is available, proceed to download and install it.
  4. Reinstall Logitech Options:
    • Uninstalling and then reinstalling Logitech Options can often resolve any conflicts or corrupt files that may be causing problems with Flow.
    • To uninstall, press the Windows logo key and R to open the Run dialog, type control appwiz.cpl, and press Enter. Then find Logitech Options in the list of installed programs and double-click to uninstall.Uninstall Logitech Options Plus in Windows 11
    • After uninstalling, restart your computer and download the latest version of Logitech Options from the official website to reinstall.
  5. Check for device conflicts:
    • Open “Device Manager” and look for any warning signs next to your input devices. Sometimes, driver conflicts can cause issues with Logitech Flow. Update or reinstall drivers for any device that shows a conflict.
  6. Modify Windows power settings:
    • Incorrect power settings can lead to devices turning off to save power, interrupting Logitech Flow. In “Power Options”, go to “Change plan settings” -> “Change advanced power settings”. Ensure that USB settings permit devices to stay on and that “Selective suspend setting” is disabled.USB selective suspend setting Windows 11

Final thoughts

While Logitech Flow is an innovative tool that enhances productivity across multiple computers, including those running different operating systems like macOS, users on Windows 11 may encounter issues with both Logitech Options and Logi Options+. The solutions provided in this article aim to address the most common issues, from firewall and antivirus settings to more advanced system checks. If these steps do not resolve the problem, the Logitech forums and communities such as Reddit are valuable resources for additional assistance.

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