How to Remove Baidu Wangpan Shortcut from This PC

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If you’ve installed and used Baidu Wangpan (百度网盘) on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer, you might have seen a shortcut that keeps showing up in the “This PC” section (Devices and drives) of File Explorer. This isn’t your usual shortcut because you can’t just right-click and delete it. It’s there, it’s obvious, and some folks find it annoying. Let’s talk about what Baidu Wangpan is and why this shortcut pops up before we get into how to get rid of it.

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How to Remove Baidu Wangpan Shortcut from This PC

What is Baidu Wangpan (百度网盘)?

Baidu Wangpan is a cloud storage service from Baidu, a big tech company in China. It’s like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can keep your files on the internet, share them, and get to them from anywhere if you have internet. It works well with Windows, so you can get to your cloud files super easily, almost like they’re right on your computer.

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What is baidu wangpan 百度网盘

Why is the Baidu Wangpan shortcut in This PC?

The shortcut shows up in ‘This PC’ because the app is made to fit right into Windows for easy use. This makes it quick to get to your files stored online, just as easy as getting to your own documents or downloads. But, not everyone likes this much mixing, especially if they don’t use the service much.

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What happen if you ignore the shortcut?

If you use Baidu Wangpan a lot, the shortcut might not bother you. It can be a fast way to your online files. Ignoring it doesn’t hurt anything on your computer. It’s really up to you if you mind it being there or not.

Is the shortcut bothersome? Uninstall Baidu Wangpan

If you don’t use Baidu Wangpan, you might as well uninstall the app. This gets rid of the shortcut and also frees up space and resources the app might be using in the background. Just go to “Installed Apps” in your Windows Settings and uninstall the application from there.
Uninstall baidu wangpan 百度网盘 in Windows 11 10

Remove the Baidu Wangpan shortcut using Registry Editor

If you like Baidu Wangpan but don’t want the shortcut, you can fix this in the Windows Registry Editor. It sounds scary, but just be careful. Messing up here can make things go wrong with your computer.

Warning: Be careful with the registry. A mistake can lead to big problems, maybe even having to reinstall Windows. It’s a good idea to make a backup or create a restore point before you change anything.

  1. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog. Type regedit and press Enter.Open Registry Editor
  2. Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace.
  3. In the “NameSpace” key, you’ll see lots of subkeys, each with a bunch of letters and numbers.
  4. Find the key for Baidu Wangpan. It might be named differently, but look for “百度网盘” or something like that in the Data column.Remove 百度网盘 shortcut from This PC Windows 11 10
  5. Right-click on the Baidu Wangpan key and pick “Delete.”Delete baidu wangpan from File Explorer Windows 11 10
  6. When asked, say yes to delete it.Confirm key deletion in Registry Editor
  7. After deleting the key, close the Registry Editor and restart your computer. The shortcut should be gone from “This PC” after your computer starts again.After removing baidu wangpan from devices and drives

Note: If you put Baidu Wangpan back on your computer or if it updates, the shortcut might come back. You’d have to do this all over again to remove it.

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Final thoughts

Seeing the Baidu Wangpan (百度网盘) shortcut under “Devices and drives” in “This PC” happens because you’ve got the Baidu Wangpan software on your Windows 11 or 10. Cloud storage apps like this one usually put shortcuts in File Explorer to make it easier to get to your stuff.

If you’re not using Baidu Wangpan, the simplest thing is to uninstall it. This gets rid of the shortcut. But if you still want to use Baidu Wangpan and just don’t like the shortcut in your File Explorer, the Registry Editor method above can help you remove it.

If the shortcut doesn’t bother you, it’s okay to leave it. It’s just a shortcut and won’t mess up your computer. Whether you remove it or keep it is really up to you and how you like your File Explorer organized.

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