How to Change the Default Calendar in Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is a handy tool for keeping track of events, appointments, and tasks. But, if you’ve ever tried to change which calendar is your go-to, you’ve probably noticed it’s not that simple. Google doesn’t make this easy, but don’t worry, there are tricks to get around it. In this article, we’re going to show you how to take control of your schedule by changing your default calendar.

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How to Change the Default Calendar in Google Calendar

Getting to know Google Calendar’s default settings

Google Calendar lets you have many calendars, each for different kinds of stuff. Usually, the one Google sets up for you when you start is your main one. Sadly, Google doesn’t let you just switch this around in a click. Here’s the deal:

The calendar you start with when you create your Google Account gets your account’s name, but you can rename it. Keep in mind:

  • You can’t delete or swap out the main calendar, but you can empty it, tweak its settings, rename it, or change its color.
  • It’s tied to your Google Account’s main email.
  • Only you can see and change things in it at first, but you can change that to let others in.

Google Default Calendar Settings

How to tweak your default calendar in Google Calendar

Method 1: Moving things around

One popular way to get around Google’s setup is to swap the stuff in your default calendar with another calendar you like better. This involves exporting, clearing, and then importing your calendar data. Here’s how to do it:

Note: Be careful to avoid losing stuff or making duplicates. Always save your calendars before you start messing with them. It might seem tricky, but it’s a solid way to get your calendar the way you want it.

  1. Export calendar data:
    • Export events from your default calendar (Calendar A).
    • Export events from the secondary calendar you want to become your main one (Calendar B).

    Export Default Calendar in Google

  2. Create a temporary calendar & import data:
    • Make a new calendar (Calendar C).Create new default Google Calendar
    • Import events from Calendar A to Calendar C to keep them safe.Import default calendar data in Google
  3. Clear the default calendar:
    • Go to Calendar A’s settings.
    • Choose to remove all events.How to remove all events and clear the Google Calendar
  4. Import data to default calendar:
    • Bring Calendar B’s stuff into the now-empty Calendar A.Import to default Google Calendar
  5. Delete & rename:
    • Get rid of the old Calendar B since its events are now in Calendar A.
    • Give the default calendar (now filled with Calendar B’s stuff) a new name.
    • Call Calendar C something that used to describe Calendar A.

    Rename default calendar in Google

Method 2: Sticking to one main calendar

Another way is to put everything in one calendar, your “master calendar”. This has its ups and downs:

Using only one default calendar in Google Calendar

Good stuff:

  • Everything’s in one place, so no flipping back and forth.
  • Seeing conflicts is easy, so no double-booking.
  • Just one place for reminders means you won’t miss anything.

Not so good:

  • Mixing work and personal stuff could make things crowded.
  • Sharing it all or nothing could be tricky for privacy.

Keeping it tidy:

  • Use colors to tell different events apart.
  • Choose clear names for events so you know what’s what at a glance.
  • Take time to clean up and sort out your calendar now and then.
  • Adjust reminders so they make sense for each event.
  • Clean out old stuff regularly to keep things fresh.

Note: If you often need to share your calendar for work, this might not be the best approach. It means sharing everything, which might not always work out.

Method 3: Switching your main Google account

Another, more indirect way involves changing your main Google account. Since your default calendar is linked to your primary Google Account, switching to a different Google account as your main one changes your default calendar too. But, think about how this affects other Google services.

  1. Sign out of all Google accounts: Start by signing out from everywhere.
  2. Sign in with the account you want as your default: When you sign back in, use the account you want as your main one first. Then, add any other accounts you use.
  3. Check your default account: The next time you use a Google service like Google Calendar, the first account you signed in with should be your default.

Changing the default calendar by switching Google account

This is a handy trick if you use several Google accounts and want a specific one to be your default for Google services like Google Calendar.

Note: Remember, this change affects other Google services (like Gmail, Drive, Photos, etc.) too. Adding accounts back might mean you’ll have to set up some preferences again.

Wrapping things up

Google Calendar is made to help lots of different people with their scheduling. Even though Google doesn’t let you directly switch your default calendar, the tips we’ve shared should help you tweak your Google Calendar to better suit your needs. Just be careful, save your data, check your steps, and think about the big picture of any changes you make.

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