Can I Change or Delete the Main Profile on Netflix?

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Netflix is the go-to spot for watching all sorts of movies, TV series, documentaries, and more from around the world. It’s really handy because you can make several profiles on one account. This means everyone in the house can have their own space with personal recommendations and what they’ve watched. But, if you want to change or get rid of the main profile, things might seem a bit tricky. We’re here to clear up any confusion about how Netflix handles the main profile.

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How to change or delete main profile on Netflix

Understanding the main profile on Netflix

When you first sign up for Netflix, the very first profile you make is known as the main profile. It’s like the boss profile that gets messages about billing and important Netflix info.

Unlike the other profiles, you can’t just change or delete the main one because it’s tied to your account for security reasons. It’s also the profile that lets you control settings for the other profiles, like parental controls. So, handling this profile is a bit special.

Changing the default profile on Netflix

Changing the main profile to another existing profile

It’s natural to wonder if you can switch the main profile to another one, especially if things change with who uses the account the most. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t let you pick a different profile to be the main one. You can change its name, language, and other settings, but its main status stays the same.

This rule is there because the main profile is set up with your account from the start. It helps Netflix keep things straightforward and consistent, which is handy for things like billing or if you need help with your account.

So, what can you do?

If you can’t swap the main profile but want another profile to take its place, here’s how you can make it work:

  1. Rename and tweak the main profile so it feels more like the user it’s supposed to represent. Head over to the “Manage Profiles” area to change its name or icon. For other tweaks like subtitles, look under “Profile & Parental Controls” in the Account settings.Change Netflix main profile
  2. Clearing the watching history: If you want a clean slate with your recommendations, clear the watching history of the main profile. This gets rid of old preferences. Go to “Profile & Parental Controls”, hit “Viewing Activity”, and then clear away either single shows or everything.Clearing a profile's watch history on Netflix

This way, even if you can’t switch the main profile, you can make it feel like a new main profile.

Another option is to start a new Netflix account. There’s also a cool feature now where you can move your other profiles to this new account (more on this below).

Deleting the main profile on Netflix

Just like changing it, deleting the main profile is off-limits. Netflix needs it to stay as part of your account. This ensures there’s always one profile that stays constant, no matter what.

How to Delete Netflix Main Profile

But you’re free to delete or change any other profile. If you’re thinking about starting over with what you watch or get recommended, making a new profile could be the way to go. Just remember, the main profile stays as is.

What can users do?

If you’re set on getting rid of the main profile, your best bet is to make a whole new Netflix account. This means you start from zero with what you’ve watched and liked. But hey, you can now move your old profiles to the new account using a new feature for transferring profiles (details below).

An easier fix is to just clear the watching history of the main profile. Head to “Profile & Parental Controls” and click “Viewing Activity”. There, you can wipe out shows one by one or all at once.

Clearing a profile's watch history on Netflix

Transferring the main profile on Netflix

Netflix has this new cool feature where you can move your profile, even the main one, to a new or existing account, or add it as an extra member profile. This is great because you keep all your watched history and what Netflix recommends to you, even if you switch accounts or join someone else’s.

But remember, you can’t move profiles within the same Netflix account.

To move a profile to another Netflix account, do this:

  1. Go to the Account section.Netflix Account Settings
  2. Under “Profile & Parental Controls,” pick the profile you want to move.
  3. Click on “Transfer this profile.”Transfer Netflix profile
  4. Follow what the screen tells you to finish moving it to the account you want.Transferring the Main Profile on Netflix

Changing the main profile’s details

If you just want to change how the main profile looks or its name, here’s what to do:

  1. Sign in to your Netflix.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right and choose “Manage Profiles”.Manage profiles on Netflix
  3. Click on the main profile’s name or picture.
  4. Change whatever you want, like the name or avatar, and hit “Save” when you’re done.Edit main profile on Netflix
  5. For other settings like subtitles, what you’ve watched, or parental controls, click your profile picture, go to “Account”, and then “Profile & Parental Controls”. Here, you can adjust all sorts of settings specific to your profile.Changing the Netflix Main Profile's details

A note on security and parental controls

When changing things around, especially with the main profile, pay attention to security and what kids can see. Make sure they can’t watch stuff they shouldn’t, and always use a strong password for your account.

To conclude

Netflix lets you tweak your profiles quite a bit, but there are some rules about the main profile. If you’re thinking about big changes, like deleting your account, think it over carefully. And if you’re stuck, Netflix’s help center or customer service is there to help.

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