How to Change Comment Translation Language on YouTube

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People all around the world enjoy YouTube in different languages. This is great because we get to see lots of different kinds of stuff. But, sometimes, reading comments in another language can be hard. YouTube tries to help by letting you translate comments into your language. But, it’s not always easy to pick the language you want for this.

Many folks have talked about this, especially on Reddit. They wish there was an easy way to choose their translation language on YouTube. Although YouTube itself doesn’t have a direct way to do this, there’s a little trick you can use through your Google account settings. Let’s walk you through it.

How to Change the Comment Translation Language on YouTube

Changing the Language for Comment Translation on YouTube

Since YouTube is part of Google, your YouTube settings come from your Google account. This includes which language you prefer. So, by changing the language settings in your Google account, you can also change the language YouTube uses for translations.

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Step 1: Accessing YouTube App on a mobile phone or tablet

First, open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet. This trick works better on mobile devices than on a computer.

Click on YouTube Profile Pic

Step 2: Navigating to your Google account settings

Tap on your profile picture in the top right corner of the app. A menu will show up. Here, click on “Manage your Google Account.”

YouTube Manage your Google Account

Step 3: Access the “Personal info” section

In your Google account, go to “Personal info.” You’ll see different settings for your account there.

Select Personal info on Google Account

Step 4: Modifying the language setting

Find the “Language” option in the “Personal info” section. This is where you set your language for Google services, including YouTube.

Scroll down and select language

Step 5: Choosing your preferred language

Inside the language settings, you’ll see your current language at the top. If there are other languages listed, delete them by tapping the trash icon. Keep only the language you want YouTube to use for translations.

Change YouTube Comment Translate to Language

Step 6: Await the changes

After you’ve set your language, it might take a few days for YouTube to use it for translations. You don’t need to save anything. Just wait and see.

Remove language from YouTube and Google Account
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Feedback to YouTube

Telling YouTube what you think can help make things better. Here’s how to give feedback:

  1. Open YouTube and click on your profile picture at the top right.
  2. Click on “Help & Feedback.”YouTube Help and Feedback
  3. Choose “Send feedback.”How to send feedback to YouTube
  4. Write down your thoughts or suggestions.
  5. If you want, add a screenshot to explain better.
  6. Hit “Send” to share your feedback.

Your feedback helps YouTube get better for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t YouTube let you choose your translation language easily?

Right now, YouTube uses your account settings to guess which language you prefer. If you tell them what you need, they might add this option later.

How long before YouTube uses my new language choice?

It might take a few days for YouTube to start using your new language setting. This doesn’t always work, but it has helped many people.

Will changing my language mess with other Google stuff?

Yes, changing your language setting affects all Google services, like Search, Maps, and Drive. Keep this in mind if you’re thinking about switching.

Can I pick more than one language for translations?

For now, it’s best to stick with one language. This helps YouTube know which language to use for translations.

Summing everything up

Even though YouTube doesn’t have an easy way to choose your translation language, changing your Google account settings might help. This isn’t a sure thing, but it’s worth trying. If it doesn’t work right away, give it some time. YouTube’s system might need to catch up, or other things might be affecting it. But, if you’re looking to make your YouTube experience better, this is a good step to try.

Changing the Language for Comment Translation on YouTube

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