Twitch Drops Not Working, Drops Not Showing Up in Game

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Twitch Drops are a cool way for streamers to give back to their viewers with stuff like in-game items, bonuses, and other goodies. It’s great for both sides: streamers get more people watching, and viewers can get exclusive in-game rewards just by tuning into their favorite streamers. But sometimes, viewers might run into issues where their Twitch Drops don’t show up in the game. If this has happened to you, let’s look into why it might be happening and how to fix it.

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Twitch Drops Not Working

Understanding how Twitch drops work

Before we tackle the fixes, it’s important to get how Twitch Drops work. They’re rewards from game developers for games like Overwatch 2, Valorant, and others, given to viewers who watch game streams. This partnership between Twitch and developers is meant to boost streamer views and reward the community.

To get these drops, you usually have to connect your game and Twitch accounts. Then, when you watch a streamer who’s got drops turned on, you automatically get these rewards in your game. But sometimes, things like technical issues or setup mistakes can stop these drops from showing up.

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Claiming Twitch drops: An essential step

One thing some viewers might miss is that you have to claim your Twitch Drops. Just watching enough to get a drop doesn’t mean it’ll automatically pop up in your game. Twitch makes you take an extra step to claim what you’ve earned.

Why is this a thing?

Claiming makes sure there’s a link between Twitch and your game, showing you’re ready to get your drop. Without this, even if you’ve watched enough, the reward might not appear in your game. It’s a way to make sure viewers are really getting involved and know about the rewards they’re getting.

How to correctly claim your Twitch drops

Here’s how to make sure you’re getting all your Twitch Drop rewards:

  1. Go to Twitch.
  2. Click on your profile icon at the top-right.
  3. Choose “Drops & Rewards”.Twitch Drops and Rewards
  4. You’ll see a list of all the drops you can get. For each one, you’ll see how far you’ve gotten.
  5. When you’ve done enough to get a drop, a “Claim” button shows up. Click it.How to claim your Twitch drops
  6. After claiming, your reward gets sent to your game. It might take a little time to show up, depending on the game.Claimed Twitch Drops Overwatch Skin

Since you can get many drops from one stream, keep checking the Drops & Rewards section. Claiming your rewards on time lets you start going for the next one right away, so you get the most out of watching.

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Common reasons and solutions for Twitch drops not working

1. Account linking issues

If your Twitch and game accounts aren’t properly connected, you won’t get drops.


  • Start by going to your Twitch dashboard.
  • Click on “Settings” and then “Connections”.
  • Make sure your game account is listed there. If not, follow the steps to link it.Twitch Drops Not Showing Up in Game
  • If it’s linked but there’s a problem, try disconnecting and reconnecting it.

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2. Not meeting the stream requirements

Some streams have a minimum watch time for drops. If you don’t watch long enough, you won’t get the drop.


  • Check the stream’s info or the Twitch Drops campaign for the required watch time.
  • Make sure to watch as long as needed without stopping. Turning off the sound or switching tabs might stop you from getting the drop.

Can't get twitch drops in game

3. Delay in reward distribution

Sometimes, it takes a while for rewards to be sent out, especially when lots of people are watching and getting rewards at the same time.


  • Wait a bit. It can sometimes take a day or more for your drop to show up in your game.
  • If it’s taking longer than it should, check the game’s forums or Twitter to see if there’s a known delay.

4. Streamer hasn’t enabled drops

Not every stream with your game will have drops turned on. It’s up to the streamer to decide.


  • Make sure the stream says “Drops Enabled.” You can usually see this on the stream’s thumbnail or description.
  • Following official game streams is a good idea since they’re more likely to have drops.

Twitch Drops not appearing in game

5. Technical glitches and bugs

Sometimes, problems are just technical issues on Twitch’s or the game’s end, especially during big events or new releases.


6. Game-specific issues

Some games have their own rules for getting Twitch Drops, like needing to be a certain level or following specific rules.


  • Check the game’s official site or forums for any special drop rules.
  • If you’ve followed all the rules and still have issues, contact the game’s support team.

Fortnite and Valorant Twitch drops not working

Final remarks

Twitch Drops have changed how we watch streams, connecting us more to the games we love. But getting these rewards isn’t just sitting back and watching; you need to interact a bit. Claiming rewards is like saying “yes, I want this,” and it’s a key part of the whole process. So next time you’re on Twitch looking to get that special in-game item, remember it’s a bit of a process. Each step, from connecting accounts to claiming the drops, helps make sure you get your rewards.

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