“Please wait for the User Profile Service” Slow or Stuck

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Running into a long wait time with the message “Please wait for the User Profile Service” when you’re trying to log into Windows? This issue is something a few people bump into, especially with some older versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server, and yes, it can pop up in Windows 11 too. A bunch of different things might be causing this headache, but a big one to point fingers at is a glitch found in those Windows versions we just talked about. This guide is here to walk you through what’s up with that message, why it’s showing up, and how to get past it.

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Please wait for the User Profile Service Slow or Stuck

What’s the User Profile Service in Windows?

The User Profile Service is a crucial part of Windows. It takes care of loading up all your user-specific stuff like settings, files, and configurations whenever you sign in. When you see “Please wait for the User Profile Service,” it just means your personal settings are being loaded.

What is User Profile Service in Windows

If this message hangs around longer than it should or seems stuck, it’s likely a sign there’s trouble with the User Profile Service, often because of a known glitch in Windows.

Main reason behind the “Please wait for the User Profile Service” problem

There’s this known glitch in some older versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server that might make the User Profile Service slow or even freeze. The issue comes from a conflict between the Credential Manager and the Redirector, along with the Data Protection API (DPAPI).

This conflict just ends up stopping your user profile data from loading like it should, making you stuck on that “Please wait for the User Profile Service” message. If your computer’s been out of the update loop for a bit, this glitch might still be lurking around.

Fixing the problem

Good news, Microsoft rolled out an update to resolve this bug. Here’s how you can get the hotfixes. But, if you’re stuck on the “Please Wait for the User Profile Service” screen and can’t get into Windows at all, try starting up in safe mode to do a Windows Update or grab the update package.

Update through Windows Update

This is the easy route. Just head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and hit Check for updates. If the fix is out there, it’ll get downloaded and installed without you having to do much else.

Check for Windows Update
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Grabbing the update package yourself

If you don’t see the update in Windows Update, or if you like doing things manually, you can directly download the update package from Microsoft’s official site about this issue.


Please wait for the User Profile Service Windows 10 or Server

Once you’ve got the update, restart your computer to see if that message clears up quickly now.

Other ways to tackle the problem

While the glitch we talked about is a usual suspect, other things could also be slowing down or freezing the User Profile Service. This could be from a messed-up user profile, a super large user profile size, or some nasty malware or viruses.

Fixing a messed-up user profile

If a corrupted user profile is what’s bothering you, making a new one and moving your stuff over could fix it:

  • Head to Settings > Accounts > Family & other users and click on Add someone else to this PC to make a new user account.Add new user profile to Windows 11
  • Sign into the new account to set up a new user profile.Create new user account in Windows 11
  • Switch back to your old account, go to your old user profile folder (usually at C:\Users\<Old_Username>), grab all your files and folders, and copy them.Copy user profile to another user in Windows 11
  • Go to your new user profile folder at C:\Users\<New_Username> and drop all the stuff you just copied there.
  • Restart your computer and log in with the new account to see if things are smoother.

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Scan your system fully

If you’re still having issues, it might be a good move to do a full system scan for any malware or viruses. You can use Windows Defender or any other trustworthy antivirus software to look through your system and get rid of any lurking threats.

Windows Defender Run Full Scan

Summing things up

Seeing the “Please wait for the User Profile Service” message for a long time or getting stuck on it when logging into Windows is mainly due to a glitch in earlier Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, 2016, and 2019 versions. Sometimes, folks decide to skip updating these systems, and that’s when they might hit this issue if the update fixing the glitch isn’t applied.

The fix is pretty straightforward: just get the update that takes care of the bug. This usually sorts out the problem and smooths out the login process.

But, if you’re getting a slow “Please wait for the user profile service” message, especially with newer versions like Windows 11, it might mean there’s something up with your user profile. In these cases, making a new user profile and shifting your data from the old to the new one can be a quick solution. It can help get rid of the slowdown and make logging in much faster.

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