Removing Windows 11 Insider Preview Evaluation Copy Watermark

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Windows 11 is the new kid on the block, following up after ten years of Windows 10. It’s packed with a fresh look and some cool new tricks. But if you’re dabbling with the Windows 11 Insider Preview, chances are you’ve met the “Evaluation Copy” watermark sitting pretty on your desktop. While it’s just a small note that you’re on a test version of the OS, it might bug some folks by being there all the time. Good news is, there’s a couple of tricks to make it disappear in both Windows 11 Pro and Home versions. Let’s talk about three ways to do just that.

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Remove Windows 11 Insider Preview Evaluation Copy Watermark

1. Tweak the registry to get rid of the insider preview watermark

The Windows Registry is like the brain of your Windows setup, storing all the nitty-gritty settings for your system and apps. To hide the Windows 11 Insider Preview “Evaluation Copy” watermark, you can tweak a specific setting here. But tread carefully—messing up in the registry can lead to a wonky system. So, make sure to back up your registry or create a system restore point before you continue.

  1. Hit Win + R to pop open the Run dialog box.
  2. Key in “regedit” and press Enter or click “OK” to open up the Registry Editor.Open Registry Editor
  3. Head over to this path:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  4. Look for the “PaintDesktopVersion” entry on the right. If it’s missing, you’ll need to make one:
    • Right-click in an empty spot in the right pane.
    • Choose “New” then “DWORD (32-bit) Value.”
    • Call this new entry “PaintDesktopVersion.”

    Registry to remove insider preview evaluation copy watermark

  5. Double-tap on the “PaintDesktopVersion” entry. A little dialog box will pop up.
  6. In the ‘Value data’ box, switch the number to 0. Make sure ‘Base’ is on ‘Hexadecimal.’How to remove insider preview watermark in Windows 11
  7. Hit “OK” and close the Registry Editor.
  8. Restart your PC.

After rebooting, the “Evaluation Copy” watermark should vanish from your desktop. If you change your mind and want it back, just switch the “PaintDesktopVersion” value to 1 and restart your PC.

This trick works by changing how the desktop shows stuff, telling Windows not to show the watermark among other things.

2. Use Ease of Access settings to hide the insider preview watermark

Even though Ease of Access settings are mainly for helping people with disabilities, a few of these settings can also hide the “Evaluation Copy” watermark on Windows 11 Insider Preview. But, here’s the catch—you’ll lose your desktop wallpaper.

  1. Go to the Control Panel. Just type “Control Panel” in the search bar and click on the result.Open Control Panel in Windows 11 Start menu
  2. Click on “Ease of Access.”Open Ease of Access in Windows 11
  3. Select “Ease of Access Center.”Open Ease of Access Center Control Panel
  4. Find and click on “Make the computer easier to see.”Make the computer easier to see Windows 11
  5. Look for the option “Remove background images (where available).”
  6. Tick this option.How to hide insider preview evaluation copy watermark in Windows 11
  7. Click “Apply” or “OK” to save your changes.

Now, the watermark should be out of sight. But remember, your desktop background will be a plain color since this setting removes all background images, watermark included.

If you really like your desktop wallpaper, this might not be the best way for you. To get your wallpaper back, just untick the “Remove background images (where available)” option and apply the changes.

3. Leave the Windows Insider Preview Program

If the watermark is too much of an eyesore or you just want the stable Windows 11 experience without test features or bugs, stepping out of the Windows Insider Preview program is a solid move. Doing so switches you to the public release of Windows 11, sans watermark. Here’s how to bow out:

  1. Hit the Start button and go to “Settings.”
  2. Click on “Windows Update” in the sidebar.
  3. Find the “Windows Insider Program” section and click it.Windows 11 Insider Preview Program Watermark
  4. Turn on the “Stop getting preview builds” option.
  5. Choose “Unenroll this device immediately“.How to leave Windows 11 insider preview program
  6. Follow the prompts on your screen. You might see different choices based on your settings and what’s being released. Pick the one that matches your wish to switch back to a stable Windows 11.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Leaving the program might mean you have to reinstall Windows or go back to an older version. This could cause you to lose some data or apps installed after you joined the Insider Program. So, back up everything important first.
  • After you leave, you’ll miss out on early peeks at new features and updates, but you’ll still get the usual updates meant for all Windows 11 users.

Final notes

Even though the “Evaluation Copy” watermark is just a tiny reminder you’re using a preview version of Windows 11, it’s totally fine if you’d rather not see it. With these three methods, pick the one that feels right for you. Just be careful when messing with system settings or making changes that could affect your computer’s behavior.

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