How to Set Webpage as Desktop Background in Windows 11

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Putting a live webpage as your desktop background can make your computer look cool and interactive. Sadly, Windows 11 doesn’t have this feature built-in anymore, unlike the old days with Windows XP. This was mainly stopped because of security worries—it could let hackers into your system. But, don’t worry! You can still get your desktop moving with webpages in Windows 11. This guide will show you how to set a live webpage as your desktop background wallpaper in Windows 11, using free tools like Lively Wallpaper and WallpaperWebPage.

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How to Set a Webpage as Desktop Background in Windows 11

The history of webpage as wallpaper in Windows

Back in the Windows XP days, you could put a live webpage right on your desktop. It was done through something called Active Desktop, which let Internet Explorer run on your desktop. This was really interesting because it let you interact with the internet without opening a browser. However, it wasn’t perfect.

Set Website as Desktop Background Wallpaper in Windows

The big worry was security. Active Desktop could accidentally invite hackers to exploit vulnerabilities, risking your computer’s safety just by running some web scripts. So, this feature was removed in later Windows versions, like Windows 10 and 11, for safety reasons.

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Why you might want a live webpage as your desktop background

Before jumping into how to do it, let’s talk about why having a live webpage as your background can be awesome. It’s not just about making your desktop look good. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Keep an eye on real-time info like stock prices or weather updates right from your desktop.
  2. Turn your desktop into a personal dashboard showing your schedule, to-do list, and more.
  3. Have fun with web-based games or interactive stuff as your background.
  4. Boost your work focus with helpful background elements like productivity timers or changing inspirational quotes.
  5. Customize your desktop background more than ever by using web content that you can change as you like.

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Setting a live webpage as your desktop background in Windows 11/10 using Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper is a cool, free app that makes your desktop background come alive. You can use videos, interactive stuff, live webpages, and more. It even reacts to sounds or your mouse moves. It’s easy to get from the Microsoft Store.

To get a live webpage on your desktop using Lively Wallpaper in Windows 11 or 10, do this:

  1. Hit the Start Menu and search for “Microsoft Store“. Open it.Open Microsoft Store
  2. In the Microsoft Store, look for a search box at the top right. Type “Lively Wallpaper” and press Enter.
  3. Find Lively Wallpaper in the store, then hit the Get button. It’ll download and install for you.Install Lively Wallpaper for webpage as background
  4. Open Lively Wallpaper from your Start Menu or desktop.
  5. Click the plus sign at the top to “Add Wallpaper.”Add web page as wallpaper on Windows 11
  6. Enter or paste the website’s URL you want, then hit OK.Set a webpage as desktop background wallpaper
  7. You’ll see a preview next. If you like, add some details for the webpage wallpaper.Website as wallpaper on Windows 11 or 10
  8. Go back to the app’s main page. Your new website should be in your Library.
  9. To see how it looks as a background, right-click the website’s picture and pick Preview.
  10. Set it as your background by clicking on it or right-clicking and choosing Set as wallpaper.Select a webpage as desktop background
  11. Now you can interact with the webpage right on your desktop.Windows Digitals as desktop background
  12. To change back to a regular wallpaper or another live webpage, just pick a new one in Lively Wallpaper. To remove the live webpage completely, right-click on its thumbnail and choose Delete Wallpaper.

Note: Make sure you’re online so the app can get the website URL.

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Using WallpaperWebPage to set a website as your desktop background

WallpaperWebPage is another free app that lets you put a live webpage as your desktop background. It’s easy to use and set up, a good alternative to Lively Wallpaper.

  1. Look up “WallpaperWebPage” on the internet. Download it from a site you trust to keep your computer safe.
  2. Install it by following the steps shown on your screen.Download and Install Wallpaper WebPage software
  3. Open the app. You can find it in your Start Menu or on your desktop.
  4. There’s a spot in the app to put a URL. Enter or paste the website’s URL you want as your background.Setting a website as desktop background in Windows
  5. After putting in the URL, find and click the “Set” button. This will make the website your desktop background.
  6. You can choose how often the app refreshes the webpage. Set it based on what you prefer and the type of website you’re using.
  7. To stop seeing the live webpage, just close the WallpaperWebPage app. If you want a different webpage, open the app again and enter a new URL.

WallpaperWebPage lets you easily turn your desktop into a live view of your favorite webpages, whether it’s news, blogs, or anything else, with just a few clicks.

Summing up

Putting a live webpage as your desktop background in Windows 11 is a fun and modern touch. With tools like Lively Wallpaper and WallpaperWebPage, you can personalize your computer space and make it more dynamic. Whether you’re doing it for work or just because you like it, it’s a cool way to use the internet on your desktop without opening a browser.

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