Deleted Files Keep Coming Back in Windows 10

Deleted Files Keep Coming Back in Windows 10, What Should I Do?

You noticed that some strange files or folders suddenly appear in a random directory in the hard drive. When you try to delete them, they come right back and reappear in the same directory after restarting the PC. No matter how many times you try to permanently delete them, they […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Windows 10 dark mode not working

Windows 10 Dark Mode Not Working, File Explorer Still White (Solved)

Dark mode feature in Windows 10 was first introduced in the 1809 major update (October 2018). It has since been one of the most talked-about feature in the Windows 10 community. Many have reported that the dark mode feature has caused numerous bugs and issues upon turning it on, specifically […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago

How to Remove “Choose an Operating System” Screen in Windows 10

If your PC boot into the “Choose an operating system” screen every time you boot or restart your computer, it means that you have multiple Windows installed on your system. Thus, Windows pops the screen to let you choose which Windows to boot during startup. The screen is also known […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Disk Cleanup stuck on compress os drive

Disk Cleanup Stuck on Calculating Mixed Reality in Windows 10

This issue is about when you click on the Clean up System Files button in the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows 10, the tool gets stuck on a specific process called Calculating Mixed Reality, and eventually crash itself as if it was never opened. Here’s what you can try to […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Game Stuttering Dual Monitor Full screen

Game Stuttering and Lag on Dual Monitor when opening Twitch or Youtube

This post is about an issue where the game on the primary monitor gets constant stuttering when the second monitor is playing or streaming video on sites like Twitch or Youtube. No matter how powerful the GPU is, the game would still stutter randomly. This happens specifically on 144hz and […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Intel HD Graphics This computer does not meet the minimum requirements

Intel HD Graphics: This computer does not meet the minimum requirements

When you try to install driver for the onboard integrated GPU, the Intel HD Graphics, Windows 10 shows an error message that reads “This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software” upon running the setup.exe. This guide will show you how to get around the error […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Working on Updates 100% Complete Stuck Windows 10

Working on Updates 100% Complete Stuck on Windows 10 (Solved)

Are you getting stuck on the screen where Windows 10 display a loading message that read “Working on Updates 100% Complete” upon restart or shut down? Here’s a few important things you need to know about the message and what you can do to get around it. This particular loading […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Second Monitor Not Detected by Integrated graphics Windows 10

Second Monitor Not Detected in Windows 10 (Integrated Intel HD Graphics)

This is a case about when you plug a second monitor to your integrated or onboard GPU (usually Intel HD Graphics), it couldn’t be detected in Windows 10, while your primary monitor that is plugged into dedicated GPU is working fine. Here’s a few solutions to the problem and things […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago
Second Monitor Keeps Flickering Flashing Going Black

Second Monitor Keeps Flickering, Flashing or Going Black Randomly (Fix)

We have had an issue with one of our computers’ second monitor that keeps flickering and flashing randomly. To be precise, it goes black entirely and comes back on again repetitively (as if it goes to sleep and immediately wake up again) while the primary monitor works just fine. After […]

By Nyau Wai Hoe, ago