DirectX 11 Download For Windows 10 Offline Installer (PC)

DirectX acts as a middle interface to allow communication between Windows and multimedia programs such as games so that they would work. DirectX exists since many version of Windows ago. As Microsoft Windows OS advances, DirectX also improves relatively, evolving from DirectX 9 all the way to DirectX 12 now. So, what about DirectX 11 download for Windows 10?

How to download DirectX 11 for Windows 10

If you’re running Windows 10 on your PC, DirectX 12 is by default already installed which comes with your Windows 10 installation. You shouldn’t have to worry about DirectX download, especially any older version of DirectX such as DirectX 11.

DirectX version is backward compatible, which means that DirectX 12 includes everything its predecessors have combined. For example, games that requires DirectX 11 to run will run just fine in Windows 10 with DirectX 12.

DirectX 11 Download Windows 10 64 bit Offline Installer

For any application or game that ask for DirectX 11 download Windows 10 64 bit Offline Installer, as long as you are running the game on a Windows 10 system, it should run just fine.

However, to make sure your DirectX is up to date, run Windows Update as all DirectX related patches can only be obtained through Windows Update.

Another method to make sure you have the latest supported DirectX installed is to download and install Microsoft’s DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. It includes runtime libraries for some games that use D3DX9, D3DX10, D3DX11, etc.

Game shows DirectX related error

If there is a problem with the game, it shouldn’t relate to DirectX as DirectX 12 coexist with Windows 10. That said, you shouldn’t be looking to download DirectX 11 Windows 10 64 bit Offline Installer since you already have the latest DirectX version in your PC if you’re using Windows 10.

If your game has a problem, troubleshoot your game further and look at other possibilities that cause the problem, such as updating your graphic driver, instead of trying to mess with DirectX.

If you’re receiving errors such as d3dx9_35.dll, d3dx9_24.dll, d3dx11_42.dll, d3dx10.dll, d3dcsx_42.dll, or d3dcompiler_33.dll, it most likely indicates that the game is too old to be supported in Windows 10 and DirectX 12.

What is the latest DirectX version for Windows 10

latest DirectX 11 for Windows 10For Windows 10, the latest DirectX version is DirectX 12. For more info about DirectX 12, read: Download DirectX 12 for Games in Windows 10 64-bit.

Like mentioned, DirectX 12 comes preinstalled in Windows 10. It is literally not possible to not have DirectX in a Windows 10 PC.

To update your DirectX 12, simply turn on your Windows Update. All updates and patches for DirectX will be applied through Windows Updates.

To check your DirectX version in Windows 10, go to start menu. Type dxdiag and open DirectX Diagnostic Tool. From there, you can check your DirectX version and other system information.

DirectX Diagnostic Download DirectX 11 Windows 10 64 bit Offline Installer

How to downgrade DirectX 12 to DirectX 11

Since the technology and everything ever exist in DirectX 11 is already included in DirectX 12, there is no reason to downgrade it to DirectX 11. Well, even if there is a reason to do it, the downgrade is still impossible.

When you forcefully try to download and install DirectX 11 64 bit offline installer in Windows 10, it will always return an error code and won’t continue.

Which Windows supports DirectX 11 download Windows 10 64 bit offline installer

DirectX 11 was first made available in Windows Vista. It is then also supported in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Below is a list of DirectX 11 64 bit offline installer download link for their respective supported Windows version.

Alternatively, you can also use the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to automatically install and update DirectX 9.0c and below for Windows XP.

The best and easiest method to get the latest version of DirectX for your Windows version is by running Windows Update. Windows Update will automatically detect and install the latest supported DirectX version for your Windows.

DirectX 12 is, however, not supported in any older version of Windows such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. It’s made solely for Windows 10. There is no standalone installer for DirectX 12 as of now.

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