Deleted Files Keep Coming Back in Windows 10, What Should I Do?

You noticed that some strange files or folders suddenly appear in a random directory in the hard drive. When you try to delete them, they come right back and reappear in the same directory after restarting the PC. No matter how many times you try to permanently delete them, they would still keep coming back in Windows 10. Here’s what you should worry about and what to do with the files.

Deleted Files Keep Coming Back in Windows 10

Deleted Files Keep Coming Back in Windows 10

If you noticed the strange files are of random names that could hardly be recognized, especially if they are outside of the C:\Windows directory, you should definitely be cautious about the files. Files that keep coming back themselves without permission would most likely be some malicious files that automate the reappearance with some scripts. When “malicious” is mentioned in computing terminology, it indicates the files could be dangerous existences such as viruses, trojans, malwares or spywares that possibly try to destroy or steal your personal data and information.

The very first thing you should do when you noticed such files that can’t be deleted on your PC is to run a virus scan immediately with an antivirus software. If you don’t already have one installed on your PC, we recommend Avast Free or Kaspersky Free Antivirus. Both of these antivirus programs are currently the world most used and most powerful free antivirus software, protecting millions of users around the globe. After installing either one of them, quickly run a full scan to scan your PC thoroughly for all possible threats. They should be able to scan and find out what’s wrong with the suspicious files you can’t delete.

Optionally, after installing an antivirus software, you can right click the folder in question and select Scan for viruses to scan only the specific folder for potential threats. We recommend to do this just in case if the full scan somehow skip the folder without your consent. This is to make sure the folder is scanned regardless if you run the full scan or not, but a full scan is still recommended if you are running the virus scan the very first time on your PC.

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But, what if antivirus couldn’t find anything?

Well, if your antivirus software doesn’t flag the files as potential threats, it could mean either one of the two followings: It’s either the file truly doesn’t possess any threat, or that the file is a new type of threat that the antivirus program have not index yet. In most cases, it’s safe to assume that the file is legit.

However, we recommend that you do a search of the file’s name in question on Google or any other search engine to learn what the file is about. To be on the safe side, the best method to find out if a suspicious file is safe is to take a screenshot of the folder or files and create a help topic on subreddit. The best answer is usually from the community. This is the internet today; the community helps better than the company that serves you (eg. Microsoft).

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